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Super Princess
24th March 2013, 03:00 AM
I take maggie to the beach LOTS these days. I used to keep her on leash all the time.. theres lots of dogs..most are off leash. the beaches i take her to are safe (away from traffic) and so ive started taking her off leash..and she dose okay. she loves to chase the crows, run through the tidal pools, play with the other dogs.

So i had her at the beach tonight..off leash. we walked WAYYYYYYS down the beach..father then i ever been before. and i discovered thers this meadow ajason(spelling probably) to the beach..i thought we'd walk up there back to the car (easier /quicker to walk on then the sand) but i wanted her on leash for that as i dont know what the wild life was like up there (ive seen eagles and hawks and would NEVER take a chance with those around ) so i went to get her on leash..and she was playing hte 'haha cant get me ' game. (i was not pleased.. shes only off leash if she can behave) once i caught her..she was on leash for the rest of the trip to the car.

so we got home. and i turned to her..and started talking about the beach. Whoever says dogs dont understand what you are talking about..is crazy.. she gave me the denver the guilty dog look.
eyes nerrowing...sooooooo guilty.

24th March 2013, 08:20 AM
I am sure they know sometimes when they have been naughty!

Kokoda has the funniest guilty face. He does it when he steals the cat food haha
he will run out and sit there all guiltily, yet he still steals the cats food every day!
It must just be an act :)

Super Princess
24th March 2013, 07:33 PM
oh maggie LOVES the cat food (tinned) i keep the cat food on the counter since she arrived..but she smells it.
whenever i put it out i let her lick the spoon..but i use it as training time. "you want this.. SIT.. STAY.. Shake a paw) (the lastone we're working on now..)

They are good actors. I took a video of it..and cant stop laughing.

22nd April 2013, 08:24 PM
Speaking of eating cat food I was all nervous today when my 3 month old Cav Lady found the cat food. She loves it and keeps going back into the laundry room for more. I guess it's time for the cats to find another place to eat. 😥

22nd April 2013, 10:47 PM
Yup they love cat food and it is a bit high in protein for dogs so they really shouldn't be allowed to access it. Cavaliers will eat until they are obeses if given access to free-fed food or cat food. My cats are fed up on the counter now. :lol: But actually I stopped feeding kibble anyway; they get raw food and are fed twice daily which really helps with so many things -- virtually no litter box odor with raw meals, and the dogs are less inclined to snack on the litter box (which they will do if they can! Managing cats and dogs together takes a little work). Also cats can get fat when free fed and my slightly tubby fellow is now nice and lean once the always-avialable food was gone.

I use a good quality cat kibble as training treats though -- a nice tiny size, the dogs all love it. :D Fits nicely in those rolling treat balls too!