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24th March 2013, 11:28 PM
The PSNI in Northern Ireland have warned about a major upsurge in dog theft an an article in one of the weekend papers here says dog thefts are on the rise with criminal gangs at work, targeting small pedigree dogs in particular. Cavaliers sadly have always been one of the most attractive breeds to steal too.

The Irish story noted that several hundred dogs have already been reported stolen this year to the DSPCA and that many of the dogs are stolen to order and sold on in Northern Ireland or the UK.

In the UK I note there is information going around that thieves are sticking coloured pins or stickers on gates to mark houses with dogs for people stealing them to be used as bait for fighting dogs. :(

I do not recall **ever** seeing so many dogs being reported to rescues and SPCAs or posted up online as stolen, as in the past couple of months.

The way to make your dog less attractive to thieves is to NEUTER (many of these dogs are wanted for breeding or to sell on to breeders), CHIP (the ONLY failsafe way you can legally identify a dog as still being yours if someone else has it, according to UK police), and KEEP YOUR DOG INSIDE when not at home. I strongly advise getting a second tag for your dog that notes it is neutered and chipped, two things that may cause a thief to dump the dog or leave it to a pound where it might be found and scanned and returned. Mine also all say 'reward if found' on their tags.

I note that someone in Ireland has said on another rescue site that her elderly dog was stolen after they put her in her harness for a walk and left her waiting outside by the door while they got the other dog ready -- stolen within 2 minutes by thieves who waited at their fence (which is 50 feet from their front door), climbed the front fence, grabbed the dog and drove off.

Please please please be careful and do not leave your dogs in the back or front garden, or outside a shop, or in a car while you run in to get something.

25th March 2013, 09:50 AM
I have a little story to tell about this:

A friend on the other side of my road was recently burgled, after which the window cleaner called and instead of taking his money and going on to the next house, started to bully her into revealing details of the burglary and what security arrangements she had to protect her house. She warned me.

I came back from show on the same day to find that the window cleaner had posted his card through the letter box to indicate that he had cleaned the windows and would be back to collect his money. He turned up a couple of minutes after I got back, demanding to know where I had been, but I just told him I had been out. I told him to come back for his money the following Monday, after I had been to the ATM. He then got nasty, demanding to know which dog I had in my arms, what sex, how old and whether neutered. I evaded the question, making excuses that I couldn't stand there chatting, but he then wanted to know whether 'I still had that puppy with the deformed paw', how many other dogs I have, what sexes, ages and whether neutered. I told him I had to rush upstairs to the toilet and closed the door, of course without giving any answers.

I had a chat with my neighbour over the 'phone, who agreed I should ring the police sergeant dealing with her burglary. I rang and spoke to a policewoman, giving the rough details so that I could speak to the sergeant when convenient. I finally got to speak when he was on duty on Wednesday of last week, giving the information and explaining my concerns about both burglary and dog theft. I gave him the basic details of both the signs of dog thieves and what they are likely to do with those they steal. He told me he would have the window cleaner interviewed, warn the neighbours in my street not to deal with the window cleaner and also send someone to see me to advise whether there are extra security precautions I could take to prevent my dogs being stolen.

And what have I heard in the past 12 days? You got it! Zilch, nothing whatsoever. Is it surprising that dog theft is on the increase. Just think about the rising cost of living, the effective restriction or reduction in real terms of welfare benefits and the increase in unemployment? Statistics show that many forms of crime are on the increase, but the government, in its 'wisdom' reduces the funding for Police and social welfare. And isn't dog theft a 'nice little earner'. None of this makes sense. I used to feel safe and secure in my comfy little house, now I have to be much more alert. Sad.

25th March 2013, 11:15 AM
It is so sad that we dog owners feel a little bit on edge even just letting our dogs out to pee in our OWN gardens! Because I know I do, especially since our neighbours were burgled on Christmas Day.

It seems as though whenever I log into Facebook there's always someone sharing a picture of their stolen dog pleading for someone to bring it back safely for a reward.

I despair :(

25th March 2013, 11:18 AM
It seems as though whenever I log into Facebook there's always someone sharing a picture of their stolen dog pleading for someone to bring it back safely for a reward.

I despair :(

Me too at times. :(

26th March 2013, 08:30 PM
I was thinking of hiding some of the dog pages I follow from my news feed on facebook as it is getting so upsetting to read of so many dogs being stolen and I find it hard to put them out of my mind after I log out.

I let Gus out into our secure back garden yesterday to potty and needed to run to the loo myself while he was out there and I was in a panic to get back and let him in! It's scary:(