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Super Princess
27th March 2013, 03:02 AM
we have gone to the beach every single day since thursday.
i let her off leash.
in the evenings..the beach is full of dogs and dog owners. and we're even getting to know some of the regularys.. mostly because she has to go up to each and every single person on the beach and say hello.

today...she ran up to this cute guy and his dog. we spent the next 20 or so minutes sitting together..talking about our past dogs..and the island we live on he fell in love with her. he showed me his dogs tricks..jesus..i need someone to train maggie like that.
she was so cute.

this girl is good for something...getting me out and meeting people ;)
now if only we had exchanged emails ;)

27th March 2013, 09:58 AM
HAHAHAHAAAA :w**h**:Well if Maggie helps you score a date that's just one more good thing about her. Fletcher is the same way. We walk Mr. Monster to school most mornings because he's in preschool we line up in the lobby and his teachers meet us there while all the other grades just walk directly to their classrooms. I hear "good morning, Fletcher" like 50 times from kids and staff. I'm lucky the school has no problem with me bringing Fletcher into the lobby.

I hope Maggie wants to say hello again to the cute guy and his tricky dog :lotsaluv:

27th March 2013, 06:07 PM
dogs really are good at getting humans together (think of 101 Dalmatians!) I had a guy at the dog park develop a major crush on... Tess! And he was a pit bull owner! Sounds like you def have a real Cavalier...LOL