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Mr Kingsley
13th April 2013, 11:22 AM
h*lp My cavalier Lucy always scratches/bangs on our door.I was wondering if it was a common thing with cavaliers or not.My little cavalier Kingsley doesn't do that.My family and I reckons that its from her home before this.Her home before my place was really weird in some ways,they were quite rich and probably taught her bad manners by letting her do as she liked and eat off their plates,and when they gave her to us because they couldn't look after her anymore.My mom set her a bed up in our hallway,but when everybody but her was asleep she manged to welcome herself into our bedrooms and on our beds and wake us up now she and Kingsley sleeps outside.Anyway apart from all that explaining as I said I was wondering if your cavaliers bang at the doors?

Thank You for reading:thnx:

13th April 2013, 12:24 PM
I think it is just a dog thing, and it depends on the dog. I know of many other dogs of other breeds/mixes that do this, and some that don't. :) For that matter -- I have two cats that do this too! :c*t:

13th April 2013, 02:51 PM
Fletcher does this too. When Fletcher and I are home alone, if I go into a room and close the door behind me shutting him out he will just sit be the door, but if he deems I'm out of sight too long he will scratch at the door...........He does this when I'm in the bathroom. Mom's never get any peace even in the bathroom. Most of the time I have to crate Fletcher or take him in every room I go in because of my son (Mr. Monster) he is only 5 years old and I do not leave them unsupervised. Fletcher also paws at the gate blocking him for the kids' bedrooms especially when Mr. Monster goes to bed.

Super Princess
13th April 2013, 11:57 PM
maggie scratches on our door to be let outside to go potty. rarely do i shut her outa the room im in..unless its me going potty ;) she comes in the bathroom while i have a shower...she coems into my bedroom when im in there (otherwide doors shut)
oliver would scratch to get out as well..
and my grandmas dog. i think its a dog thing..

i have two cats..and they cry if they want into a particular room thats shut to them...i have one cat who cries at night because he cante come in the bedroom with us. so annoying.

14th April 2013, 01:37 AM
Different dogs, different personalities, but there sure are breed characteristics. Jenny doesn't scratch to go out because we have a doggie door. She sleeps in her crate next to our bed and claws at the metal grate when she wants out. Luckily we get up before she does. We've also noticed that her personality has changed as she's getting older. She always wanted to cuddle and be on our laps when she was younger, but now she only wants attention for a few minutes and then goes off to lay by herself on the carpet. We are able to let her be in the same rooms with us, but we have to put everything up out of her reach such as books, boxes, pillows, etc.. She features herself as a major run-away clepto.


14th April 2013, 04:39 AM
Luke does. Beside my door, there is a part of the wall with paint missing from him scratching. He does this if he wants to get out of my room, either to go out, or to get food. He'll also scratch the door to the room where I keep his food. He usually scratches the door beside the front door, which is the bathroom, if we are upstairs and he wants to go out. When we go to hotels, he'll scratch at the door there too if he needs to go out.

15th April 2013, 05:16 AM
Lady is a scratcher! it's actually really bad - I need work on that with her! She scratches to go in a door if I leave her and to go out. When she wants to go out she'll scratch at the door non stop until it's open. If she wants your attention she'll also scratch frantically on your arm or beside you - in her defense this is usually before we go for our walk ;). Gracie rarely scratches though except to open a door sometimes. She doesn't have the strong desire to follow me everywhere like Lady does though.

15th April 2013, 03:25 PM
We have 3 cavaliers in our home and they all scratch at doors, they don't like to be shut out of a room, we have poochy bells at the back door that they use if they need to go out into the garden. Kookie is the youngest and he seems to scratch doors more than the other 2 (even if a door is open), he will be one year old at the end of May so he is still a young dog. Kookie has also scraped wall paper off walls with his excessive scratching, he has symptomatic CM so difficult to know whether this is puppy behaviour or linked in some way to his illness but either way we try to distract him and tell him no.

15th May 2013, 09:08 PM
Jenny certainly has her share of weird traits. Less than a week ago she tangled with a skunk. No barks, yips, or anything. She came through the doggie door at about 50k/ph and jumped on the couch and jumped on the pillows. Adios, pillows. We have washed her a number of times since and put out saucers of vinegar around the house. It sure is hard to get rid of the smell. We bought some kind of pet detergent and it has helped only slightly. Now, she's started licking the walls. We have sheetrock with flat paint and no idea why she is licking them. She was really yipping the other day at a ground squirrel, but I got her away from it, allowing the squirrel to escape. I didn't want it to bite her and it hasn't been back. At night we take her out on the leash now. I don't want her to get hold of a toad either since they can be poisonous. Her fettish is to be after anything that moves. Sadly, we have a bunch of lizards here. I like them since they catch more bugs than Jenny does. She is a handful!