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13th April 2013, 06:32 PM
Here is an article I found interesting. It even mentions the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the second section, last paragraph. What are your thoughts?


13th April 2013, 06:39 PM
Well, personally I'd take a lot of that with a grain of salt... from someone promoting their own book and views (and you cannot state that 'obviously there was already concern' about something simply because a study was done).

We have a whole section on vaccination in the Health Library. The board recommendation is to use Dr jean Dodds recommended vaccine approach. Note she does NOT recommend that owners NOT vaccinate dogs. Dr Dodds also notes there may be reasons why a given vet may wish to vary from the suggested schedule and there may be regional variations in what is required. Her recommendations for three-yearly core vaccines as a starting point snd not annual vaccinations are also the recommendations of the leading vet organisations in the US. Unfortunately a lot of vets still do not follow their professional organisation's recommendations but this is gradually changing. frustratingly kennels and dog daycare centres often also demand annual vaccines. Owners often have to dig in their heels (or change vets).

I would definitely NOT vaccinate a cavalier, or any dog, or a cat, annually with core vaccines. I do every three years to age 7 then no further core vaccines. There are ongoing studies that hopefully will result in an even less frequent vax schedule being the recommendation. I think there is good evidence they probably only need the puppy set and a 1 year booster for lifetime coverage with core vaccines. That is what I do for my cats but they are indoor cats.

Rescue groups regularly see puppies in particular, die from parvo and distemper. It is a slow and painful death, and very costly to try and save the dog. I am sure this is why I have never met anyone doing dog rescue who does not vaccinate dogs.

13th April 2013, 06:47 PM
Here is an article I found interesting. It even mentions the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the second section, last paragraph. What are your thoughts?

I don't think MVD in the cavalier breed is due to vaccinations. But as an environmental consequence, I think they could accelerate either the onset or progression.

Dr. Glickman convinced us, about ten years ago, to stop taking our cavaliers for walks on the golf course which adjoins our property, because of all of the weed killers, fertilizers, and pesticides which the grounds keepers pour on the greens and fairways, almost every day. The dogs really missed those trips, because they would race down a fairway to a sand trap and then chase each other in the trap, barking, spinning around, and kicking sand up everywhere. They loved playing in sand traps.

13th April 2013, 06:51 PM
Pesticides -- yes, that's a wholeother area of concern! :|

I've never vaccinated any of mine after they got MVD but then I stopped at 7 anyway.

25th April 2013, 03:41 PM
The thread for vaccinations in the Health Library cannot be opened by my computer. Is it still available?
While speaking with a breeder of Brussels Griffons I learned he doesn't vaccinate his dogs. They have a nasal treatment for kennel cough only when attending a show and are given heart worm, flea and tick tablets in the summer. His dogs have never experienced MVD nor SM and suggested a connection to SM because of vaccines.