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14th April 2013, 02:55 PM
Hello all. I'm April and I am without a Cavalier currently. I have always worked too many hours or was underway on my ships that it would have been cruel to a dog if I had one.
My health sort of made a decision to finally get one as I am no longer able to serve aboard a ship any longer. I was a Chief Engineer on a patrol boat for the last year when I came down with Cancer in January. I've been on convalescent leave since February when I had surgery to remove the Cancer.
the fact I had cancer is now responsible for transferring me to a shore unit where I will be home every night. A blessing! I've spent 14 years in the Coast Guard and all but 3 were at sea or in a restricted location( meaning no family-pets-no time off- they were in the arctic of Alaska and Kuwait)

i am in search of a Cavalier female. I have visited many shelters and missed out on one 5yo. She was adopted to a different family.
anyway- I've visited a local rescue who seems to specialize in breeder rescues. The dogs are seized from cruel breeders. I saw a 3yo female yesterday who had been brought in the previous night. She was curious who I was but wouldn't get close yet. She is a very nice looking blenham. This week at some point, a tri color is being brought in and she is about 5yo. Apparently these girls were breeders and never pets. It is so sad that people do that but you can't teach morals to those monsters. I will come back to the rescue when the owner calls and lets me know their health stays. They need to see a vet and get cleaned up.

well I hope I am not biting off more then I can handle. My mother rescued a female Japanese Chin(Molly) breeder who was physically abused. She was very shy the first week, but became such a loyal and lovely family member. Her "brother" Chin(yum yum) in the family was rescued as a puppy a few years prior- he is a bit wild but loyal and listens.

I hope to save one of those girls at the rescue. I would take two if I could but afraid the landlord wouldn't allow. Plus one may be all I can handle at a time.

Sydneys Mom
15th April 2013, 11:22 PM
Welcome! Hope you find the girl of your dreams!

16th April 2013, 02:24 AM
Welcome, April. You live in one of the most beautiful places in the US I think.

A rescue cavalier sounds like a great pet for you, and a cavalier needing a forever home will be lucky to have you. Keep looking the right little lady will come along. Yes, a rescue might be shy at first but that shouldn't last too long. Plus cavaliers really are a comfort breed, my Fletcher just knows when someone he loves is not feeling 100% and is extra loving.

16th April 2013, 08:48 PM
icon_welcome shipwreaked
looking forward to reading about your cavalier and looking at some photos of her
from louie and his mum

16th April 2013, 09:46 PM
Welcome! Hope you get a cavalier just right for you! I got my cavalier as a rescue, he was shy at first and would sit in a corner now he is a different dog! Will appreciate being rescued by you! I must also say you live in an amazing part of the US! I live in England but have relatives on san juan island, love going to visit there!

17th April 2013, 08:08 AM
I've been wanting a female Cavalier- no reason in particular... Happen to look on Craigslist the other day and saw a re-home add(actually three) all for the same male Cavalier. The first add said re-home fee $200. Second one said $150 and these adds we're only a few hours apart. The third add was the following morning and it stated $100.00. So I contacted the add requesting the dogs name, reason to rehome etc and requested a time to come by to meet him. their response said the owner was in the hospital and he was full bred. That was all the reply said. I though it started smelling fishy and left it at that.
Today: I check craigslist again and see the three adds are gone- but a new more detailed add claiming the dog is registered blah blah blah and they want to rehome him because they are moving. Get this- the rehome fee is $300 now. I certainly believe this is a scam! Potential Cavalier owner in the Seattle area beware... I am smelling something fishy.

going to wait or the rescue to contact me.

Ive lived in the Pacific Northwest for half my life, just not consecutively. I've lived in Maine, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Florida,Virginia, New Jersey, the Arctic of Alaska, Ohio, Massachusetts, Oregon,Washington and California in my life. I swear my life is causing me ADD! I will be moving again within the year when my duty status is cleared. But I'm sure I will stay in this area because of my medical treatment. I never had the time for a dog until now, but I did have a very sweet Persian who would hang out with my folks when I wasn't around, but when I came home he would be glued to me. I lost him to congestive heart failure two weeks after my cancer surgery(Just this past February). He was 8 and I had him for about 7 of those years. I can never replace him, but I can give my home to another rescue. My cat was a stray picked up at the county shelter. I certainly believe it works. My Mom works at the shelter and is responsible for bringing home many "inmates". I think we are up to 10 Persians and Japanese Chin over the past 13 years. Not at the same time, but we always have 2 cats. My dad is getting another Persian in the morning. He is a sucker for them, and always has been.

17th April 2013, 11:45 AM
You could contact the breed club in the area and see if they have heard of this or might know who this is. There is quite a notorious breeder of cavaliers in the Seattle region (though she moves around a lot) -- was prosecuted by the US Dept of Justice for fraud in selling cavaliers and know she can have up to 60-70 dogs on a suburban house. Has an English accent. Would not be surprised if it is her trying to dump dogs, and would also be cautious in that she may be trying to sell dogs with health problems to get rid of them. She does no health testing. I have information about her pinned at the top of the main 'chat' forum on the board here:


She changes her name all the time but often goes by Claire Simmons. Don't go near her.

18th April 2013, 01:32 AM
I read about her, and I even heard about this woman from the rescue I visited this past weekend. The lady who runs the rescue told me she keeps an eye out for her and hasn't heard peep. I guess the rescue was one who assisted with the dogs at one of the cases. Awful!

Certainly something to keep aware of.

by the way- the fourth craigslist add asking 300$ is now removed less then 24 hours after they changed it.

18th April 2013, 08:53 PM
A humane society back home had a 3yo male come in. Will go down to see him tomorrow after medical appointment. I hope I don't get crushed again.