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Super Princess
14th April 2013, 11:34 PM
I take maggie to the beach a lot.
she meets a lot of dogs..and the owners all fall in love with her.
a few of them..whoms dogs like maggie and they love to play..sometimes end up calling her their dogs girlfriend. "look its your girlfriend"

now we meet a lot of dogs...and they all remember maggie and i have a hard time always remembering them..sometimes its easy others i forget.

anyways..we were just coming back to the car..shes on her leash in the parkinglot. therse a group of people taking dogs outa their trucks..and she goes over to say hi.. i could see her..but i couldnt see the dog she was saying hi to just yet (was coming up behind her)
and i hear
"look its your girlfriend!!"

come up...and i see a dog we've never seen before. A black and tan cavalier.

i loveeee black and tans and ive never seen one in person before.

i was like "oh hes soooooo beautiful"
she goes

"do you want him? you can have him"

haha i was like oh.. "yes i dlove to take him home" thinking she was joking. "hes all yours if you want" if he was trouble or something.

nope..it was a rescue orgaization and he was up for adoption. foot in mouth there.
yes..i woudl take him in a heart beat...

however..i have 2 cats nad a 6 month old haha..in a basement suiet. im full.

but ohhhhh i wanted to so bad.

15th April 2013, 04:10 AM
Awwww!!! I would have the hardest time saying no. Good for you for having the willpower (and sense)! I just brought Gracie to the vet and now have to bring Lady in a couple weeks for their check ups and vaccines - not fun for the wallet!! I have to cut myself off at two for now :rolleyes:. Playing the devil's advocate though...depending on the rescue's issues, I brought Gracie home (3yrs) when Lady was 6 months and it was a super easy transition! Way easier than adding another puppy :D. But you have cats and I have no experience with those! haha.

15th April 2013, 04:06 PM
Wow -- I would have taken him home in a second, and my husband would have divorced me! LOL! I have three dogs already, but would have been mighty, mighty tempted!

Super Princess
23rd June 2013, 02:47 AM
oh my gosh. i knewi posted this on here.

Today i decided to take maggie to the dog park. we've only started going to it this week. its no where near my house..kinda near the beach we usually go to which is now 'dog free' for the summer.

anyways the past few times have been pretty empty of dog..but today there were a bunch.

let maggie go..and she went running to a gathering of people and dogs.....one of which was a black and tan cavalier.
took only seconds to realize he was the same one we had met a few months before.

Toby is his name. and i met his new dad today.
I sat down and Toby came running over with his Ball. bet i played ball with toby for over an hour.
Maggies not much of a ball player. she might run after it but looses interest immedatly as she sees where it lands.

Im so happy toby found a g ood home.
his dad has told us when all the regulars meet and we will now be joining them on weekends :) they have pot lucks on tuesday but im not off early enough for that.