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20th April 2013, 11:32 PM
Tomorrow I'm taking Fletcher and the #1 cavalier lover in our house, Mr. Monster to a event with our local CKCS Meet Up Group.:wggle:

Its at a pet spa about an hour away, I'm not looking forward to hearing "Mommy are you getting us lost?" from my 5 year old in the backseat. Fletcher in the other hand is a wonderful car rider. The pet spa is a new place just opened in January, they have all the grooming, boarding ect. things you would expect however, they have these totally fenced in walking trails thur the woods, and several huge play yards all double gated to prevent accidental escapes, and even a huge outdoor pool with zero entrance on one end!! (not that its warm enough to swim). I believe this whole place is some brainchild of a vet. They also offer training and behavior management.... Sounds cool!!! Our group has use of one of the .5 mile trails and a large play area from 1pm-4pm for FREE. Wonderful advertising, I guess.

Mr. Monster is super excited to go meet other cavaliers!!! All day he's asked me if we are going tomorrow and every time I say yes, I also review the "meeting dogs" rules. Funny he asked me about 1/2 hour ago, when I said yes he said....no touching dogs without permission from you and other Mommy or Daddy of the dog, put my hand up slowly and let the doggie meet me first, only gentle petting and sweet words. HAHAHAHAA I think he gets it.:D He's great about these rules, he followed them to a tee when we went to a cavalier dog show in March. I just hope he has fun since he will likely be the only child there. Most members are older folks....super nice people, cavalier crazy to the end like me (or us)

I'm going to take lots of pictures so I will post them tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a shot with Mr. Monster covered in dogs :lpy:

21st April 2013, 09:20 PM
Sounds like you are both going to be in heaven. Hope you enjoy yourselves.

21st April 2013, 10:47 PM
We have a great afternoon. I will post pictures soon...I used my real camera and need to actually locate the cord to upload them :rolleyes:

Mr. Monster had a blast!!! He ran and ran playing with a "pack" of 3 siblings (2 black and tans and a ruby). Sat wonderfully and petted a pair of 15 year old litter mates tri ladies and throw ball after ball for any dog who was willing to play. When he came to sit in a blanket with me for a minute he was followed by a group of new friends :)

There were about 17 cavalier there, nice turn out for a nice spring day. The place was awesome!!!! There were two .5 mile trails all enclosed with nice wood and plastic wiring....there were pretty wide too. Then there was a playground area HUGE....... with tunnels, small ramps and all with the rubber matting ground (like you see on human public playgrounds).

I did learn that Fletcher is a spazzzz!!!!!! He was NOT the youngest dog there so I can't say well he's still young........but he ran around like the wild little man he is. Fletcher does not chase balls but he did run with the dog who were like "ok running is fun wait what are we doing?" He like many of the other cavalier HAD to greet every person there. My brilliant Fletcher was the only dog to bark the WHOLE time :roll: but he was having a great time. Oh yeah he also found a fake stick, one of the many throwing toys in the playgrounds "toy box" by the end and ran with it STICKING STRAIGHT OUT hahahaaa silly thing. He loved the trail walk thur the woods and did manage to find a small puddle to get all muddy in. So after we got home he did get a nice bath and dinner and is now completely passed out snoring on the sofa.

Again I will post pictures soon.

22nd April 2013, 05:28 PM
Wow! What a fantastic event. Can't wait to see the pictures!