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28th April 2013, 04:35 PM
Im absolutly seething. Leo and I were out for a walk today, on the way back we had just reached our road when coming towards us on the otherside of the road were two people with their dogs.
These dogs are known in our neighbourhood for being agreesive. I noticed they were both on leads so didnt worry too much. As we passed eachother one of the dogs (a black lab) started growling and barking and pulling on the lead to get to us.
The woman was struggling to control him and dropped the lead. The dog ran across the road towards us and was growling and barking and snapping at Leo.
The woman was screaming at her dog to come back but he didnt. I managed to kick the dog away from Leo when she reached us.
She didnt say a word !:mad:
Not she was sorry or anything she just started dragging her dog, which was still growling and barking away from us.
I told her she should have him muzzled to which she replied "He's not like that.....he doesnt need a muzzle"

Im speechless.....how agressive does a dog have to be for its ignorant stupid owner to see its a danger.

Her husband just kept walking, I continued to tell her in no uncertain terms that her dog was dangerous and needed to be controled. She dragged him away telling me he was fine and Leo wasnt hurt so what was the problem !!!

I know where these people live and their names. Should I report them? Not sure how to go ahead. I do know other people on my estate have had problems with these dogs.

Sorry to rant but Im still furious.

28th April 2013, 05:19 PM
Heck yeah report them! What a stupid couple... You also might want to walk with pepper spray too just in case. Heck I'd go as far as to knock on their door and tell them next time they fail to control their aggressive dog you plan on using the spray. Poor dog it's not his fault his parents are so dumb. He def needs a muzzle and someone who can actually hold on to a leash.

28th April 2013, 07:09 PM
Poor you and Leo. It doesn't matter that he wasn't physically hurt, the situation should never have happened. I would report them to your local dog warden. They should be able to go round and have a word with the couple about managing their dog's behaviour.

29th April 2013, 05:25 PM
Thanks for your kind thoughts.
I have a friend that is a police officer and Im seeing him tonight. I intend asking him advice on what I can do. The pepper spray and walking stick are a great idea....what I need to know is are they considered a weapon as I dont want to get prosecuted!!

I still havent calmed down by the way. Leo himself is absolutly fine thankfully.

29th April 2013, 06:21 PM
We have had a similar problem in our neighbourhood with a pair of male standard dachshunds. They are on the larger size of their breed (30+ lbs), and the one male is vicious! The worst part is, the female owner doesnt see it that way, because he is only mean towards smaller dogs. I have told her several times to hold her dog back please, and she just cant contol him. Last weekend we took Flynn for a walk, and as we were leaving the elevator, the male lunged in at Flynn. My boyfriend and i are fed up, so we yellec at them, and they still didnt control their dog. My boyfriend blocked the dog off with his body, while i had to pick poor terrified Flynn up and carry him out. We told them if their dog ever lunged at Flynn again, we wont hesitate to use force on their dog, then will be calling animal control. We havent seen them since, but now Flynn is nervous coming out of the elevator. As soon as he feels it coming to a stop, he starts barking and lunging to get out as fast as he can. I feel bad for him. We are working on the behaviour with treats for "sit and stay", but i can understand his fear. At less than 6months, he is still just a baby, and it was a traumatizing event.

Now, i dont see why a walking stick would be a problem? If the dog is coming at you aggressively, you have the right to defend yourself... And who is to say that you are carrying the stick for that purpose? Its you play fetch stick.. Right? ;) Or carry an extra heavy purse and whack it away with that. Since our last elevator incident, I always take my purse for that reason.

I understand how angry you are. Our incident was weeks ago, and every time I think of it I still get all worked up!!!

29th April 2013, 10:37 PM
Hi Flynns Mom,
I feel for you, I dont want to be afraid to walk in my own neighbourhood. I spoke to my Police officer friend tonight who was very helpful. Basically I have to report these idiots to the police.
He said that pepperspray is a BAD idea as its classed as a weapon and I could be prosecuted so thats out. However, If I were to carry a walking stick and the dog attacked it would be self defense to defend myself and Leo.

I hope poor little Flynn can get over his fear, bless him


30th April 2013, 05:54 PM
Hi Mel, this is so annoying, why can't these people keep their dogs under control, walking our dogs should be a pleasure and it is spoiled by irresponsible owners. I am having to work through some real fear issues with Kookie (will take a long time to get desired results) due to an incident with a large boxer off lead when Kookie was only a little puppy.

1st May 2013, 12:31 AM
I carry my shoulder bag with me when I take any of the dogs out. I just happen to have a small can of strong, cheap, hairspray tucked inside it, which I will not hesitate to squirt into the eyes of any dog which shows aggression towards mine. If challenged I will point out that this is not premeditated but an item which most women who care about their appearance might have in their bags and that when under stress I automatically reached out for what I knew was there.

1st May 2013, 01:31 PM
What a horrible experience for you and Leo. Bosco, was once attacked by a black lab that was not even on a lead! I was walking along and the dog approached. The owner, is sitting on his steps telling me how friendly his dog is. Next thing I know, Bosco is in the dogs mouth. Like you, I kicked the dog, who proceeded to drop Bosco, and I immediately inserted myself between the lab and Bosco. He was covered with saliva, but fortunately, no puncture wounds. The lab owner kept telling me how his dog never did such a thing, and was apologizing. I was shaking and just walked away while carrying Bosco, telling him he should NEVER have that dog roaming without a leash. I never walked that way again, and fortunately have never seen the man or his dog again. I remember the incident like it was yesterday. Thank goodness, i only had Bosco with me. Would have been so much worse if I had my chin as well. I'm sorry that I didn't report it, I should have. The lab didn't seem aggressive and maybe he thought Bosco was a toy? Regardless, you can never be too careful.