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6th May 2013, 10:10 PM

This competition is to choose the photographs for the 2014 calendar, which will be available through the Cavalier Matters gift shop http://www.cavalier-gift-shop.org/index.php

Entry fees
There will be an entry fee of 2 per photo or 3 for 5
[Special offer, if you would like to enter all 12 months, then the entry fee will be just 15]
Together with the proceeds from the sale of the calendar, the entry fees will be divided between Rupert's Fund www.rupertsfund.com (http://www.rupertsfund.com/), the Cavalier Collection Scheme http://www.thecavaliercollectionscheme.org/ and Cavalier Rescue

File sizes
For the calendar the image size is approx. 7" x 5" so to get really good print quality we need photos of at least 1600x1200 pixels [otherwise the photo appears as lots of little blocks of colour and looks horrid] Many camera phones do NOT take images of sufficient file size, so please check this carefully, photos taken on a tablet MAY be ok if they are at best quality and not cropped. ##Minimum 3mp [megapixel] camera##
Please check the size of your photos, you can check in any image editing software - if you do not have any software, you can download GIMP free of charge http://www.gimp.org/
Do not use software to increase the file size as this decreases the quality of the image.
If you are still having difficulties, e-mail ONE photo to rupertsfund@idnet.com for me to check.
The file needs to be in JPG or ZIP format, minimum size of 2mb, max 3mb.

The competition is open to all members of the forum and members of the Companion Cavalier Club Facebook Group in all countries.
Each photo can only be entered once into the competition, but you can enter more than one photo per category.
Photos can have only minor digital enhancement [sharpening, contrast, cropping] EXCEPT for photos entered into the "Digitally Manipulated" Class.
**The winners will need to submit their photos to me within one week of the results being announced, otherwise it will not be possible to reproduce the photo on the calendar and another will be chosen**

**You must own the copyright to the photo ie it MUST have been taken by yourself, or a family member or friend - and entered with their permission. Professional photos [taken at pet shops, studios etc] are NOT eligible. By entering, you are allowing us to use the photo for the calendar and promotion of the calendar - you retain the copyright. We may contact you with regards to using your photo for other products for fundraising.

The winners
The photographs will be chosen by an independent judge - the wonderful CLEVER CAVALIERS DISPLAY TEAM!! - and will be on the appeal of the photo rather than technical merit. The dog should be in focus, ideally on the eyes.
Photos taken so that you are at the eye level of your dog rather than looking down at them are often more interesting.

Photos should be in landscape format ie

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/RupertsMum/Kyla/emailKyla16013305.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/RupertsMum/media/Kyla/emailKyla16013305.jpg.html)

NOT portrait

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/RupertsMum/Rupert/IMG_1165.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/RupertsMum/media/Rupert/IMG_1165.jpg.html)

The themes for each month are:
January - Snow
February - Loving
March - Spring
April - Prettiest girl
May - Handsomest boy
June - Cavaliers at play
July - Digitally Manipulated images
August - Cavaliers and their companions [human, animal and/or other Cavaliers]
September - Happiest Cavalier
October - Autumn
November The older generation [over 7s]
December - Christmas

** All images to feature Cavaliers only please, except for August. **
To submit an entry, post your photo from your photo hosting site eg Flickr or Photobucket to the board to the appropriate thread.

How to pay
Payment for entries is to be by Paypal to highlandebay@idnetfreemail.co.uk account is in the name of Trevor Hughes [so that I can ensure all entries have been paid at the close of the competition], alternatively by cheque or a bankers draft in pounds sterling payable to "Syringomyelia DNA Research" [please e-mail me for the address to send them to].

If paying by Paypal, please could you add a little extra to cover their fees? [Its free to send money to friends and family when you use your PayPal balance or bank account as your funding source.]

For us to receive 2, you need to pay 2.28; for 5 send 5.38; for 10 send 10.56; for 15 send 15.73

Please quote your board name, and your full name and address with your entry. Thank you.

######CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO 9pm BST on 28th July ######

[I]The winner and a runner up for each month will receive a very special rosette, as well as having their photo feature on a calendar which will travel all over the world and be seen by hundreds of people!

The website for the Clever Cavaliers Display Team who are kindly judging entries this year. http://www.clevercavaliers.co.uk/

Any queries, please e-mail me at RupertsFund@idnet.com

17th July 2013, 09:16 AM
######CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO 9pm BST on 28th July ######

24th July 2013, 08:45 AM
Only 4 days left to enter the calendar competition!