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30th May 2013, 03:11 PM
I'm taking Bosco to the groomers this Saturday. The weather is turning hot and humid in NYC, and he has been panting lately and looks uncomfortable. He is not overweight -- just has a thick, thick coat.

I'm going to ask the groomer to cut or thin his body hair, possible shave his underside and maybe neaten up his ears. I will leave the feet/tail/leg feathers alone.

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what I should tell the groomer. I'm not keen on having him cut at all, but I don't like seeing him uncomfortable.



30th May 2013, 05:11 PM
Be VERY specific with what you want. I have had some bad experience with groomers. Even if they act like they're going to keep the "cavalier look" make sure you specify the parts you DONT want cut (I.e. ears, slippers, chest feathering, etc.) I usually ask for a hygienic cut, along with shaving the belly and trimming her back, and a good thinning on the sides.

Last night I was cutting some mattes out of Gracie's coat and next thing you know I had filled a grocery bag with hair and she's all cleaned up. She looks pretty good if I do say so myself cl*p

30th May 2013, 06:09 PM
You may want to consider asking them to "card" your dog. Essentially, that is removing dead hair from the dog's body. I do it with mine and you'd be amazed at what accumulates there. After I'm done her coat is nice and shiny. I watched the procedure in a DVD sold by a couple of internationally recognized groomers. The DVD was devoted solely to cavvies. If interested, the website is: http://www.superstylingsessions.com/the-cavalier-king-charles-spaniel.html. The hand tool they use in the DVD can be found at http://afortunatedogonline.com/Classic-Pet-Stripping-Knife-Coarse/M/B00061MPPG.htm.

1st June 2013, 03:11 PM
Badge511 - thank you for your post and the links. I watched the video and it reminded me that I have a Furminator. Sophie's coat still looks like a Wooly Mammoth, so she got Furminated yesterday. I said "hasta la vista" to a mountain of hair. Now that the heat and humidity have arrived here, she is going to be much more comfortable when we walk 3 miles in the mornings.

3rd June 2013, 06:43 PM
Thanks everyone.

I took Bosco in to the groomers and I think he looks great. I kept his leg feathers, tail and feet. She just trimmed the body and re-shaped his ears. Visit was quite timely as our central AC was not working properly this weekend, and in the hot and humid 90 degree weather, he appeared to be doing a lot less panting. I'm sure it will grow back nicely, and in the meantime, he's a much cooler boy.

5th June 2013, 05:57 PM
I would love to see a before (if poss) & after photo. My Rosie goes to doggy day care on the days we cannot be home & we use the groomers there. She loves to play there but is always cautious when the groomers come in to the play area. She does not like to be groomed at all. She went in for a good tidy up & came out cropped. On first site I was a little horrified, they said she was so nervous she had an accident on the table hence the cropping, but she was still my loving little girl who seemed to be having fun with less hair to get tangled & she is more comfortable in this hot Florida weather. I'm sure it will grow back in no time at all.

7th June 2013, 02:50 PM
bosco haircut.jpeg