View Full Version : Heart murmurs and our Cavaliers

10th June 2013, 10:10 PM
Gus and DJ have been for their annual check up and Lepto vaccine in the past few weeks.

Gus was heart clear in Feb this year but now has the start of a murmur nothing too much to worry about yet and he is 11 yrs and 6 months.

DJ has a murmur my vet says is about grade 2 but he is not showing any problems or signs of trouble either so we will just keep an eye on it. Otherwise he is fine.

Pippin is due for check up next month but was up in April and the vet thought his murmur was a little worse and felt his heart is starting to dilate, (he is already on medication) so we will see how he is next month and he may need a scan and ECG as it's been two years since he had one.

What saddens me is, I now have three dogs with murmurs which as they get older will worsen. Although Gus is 11 and a half, Pippin 9 yrs and 4 months and DJ just turning 9 it is still so unfair and doesn't sound statistically good for the breed that out of my three dogs ALL of them have murmurs one with progressive MVD and the other two maybe heading that way.....:(

Sydneys Mom
11th June 2013, 01:18 AM
I know how hard this is and scary, but don't be sad. You are taking excellent care of all of them and with the help of medication, they will be wagging their tails for a long time. :hug:

Love my Cavaliers
11th June 2013, 02:58 AM
I know you hit the negative lottery with heart murmurs with all 3 of yours, but luckily I have hit the jackpot with my 4. Oliver is 12, Riley close to 11, and Madison close to 10 and not one of them have a heart murmur - and they've all been listened to within the last year by a cardiologist. Oz, who will be 6 on July 1, has a congenital murmur found when he was 4 months old, still grade 1 which his cardiologist thinks will probably stay that way forever. He said the type of murmur he has does not put him at any greater risk of getting MVD than any other cavalier. This is not at all to negate the fact that most cavaliers will develop a murmur in their lifetime - I certainly do believe that. And I am so sorry that Gus, DJ and Pippin all have murmurs. It just doesn't seem fair. These poor dogs suffer so much in their lives. I just feel so fortunate that so far MVD has skipped over us, particularly since the odds are against us.

12th June 2013, 07:01 AM
So sorry to hear of the recent diagnosis of heart murmurs in your babies. My Bentley was just diagnosed with a grade 3 murmur, it's so frightening and upsetting.