View Full Version : The Cavalier Club AGM talks.......A new statement by Dr Paul Mandigers

Margaret C
14th June 2013, 12:43 AM
Recent talks given prior to the Cavalier Club were enthusiastically received by many of those present. Both speakers appeared to be giving messages that Club breeders wanted to hear.

Soon after the Cavalier Club widely distributed a press release which later disappeared from their website. Dr Paul Mandigers' presentation slides have now been changed and a new statement has been published.............

"Dr Paul Mandigers has asked us to publish the following statement.

With great pleasure on May 26th I presented some preliminary data on CM/SM in the CKCS and toy breeds. I am thrilled that the lecture was received with such great enthusiasm. The breeding results achieved in the Netherlands are really promising. I strongly believe that we can get away from CM/SM within the CKCS and Toy breeds. It will cost time, hard effort and without doubt we will have to face some setbacks. But with combined effort of breeders, scientists and the Kennel Club, we can achieve it.

Much of our current knowledge has been achieved by the hard work and input of scientists like Dr. Clare Rusbridge. I have worked with her for many years and have the deepest respect for her work and what she did for the CKCS and neurology in general. Apparently some of my remarks have been interpreted in such a fashion that I have accidentally discredited some of her great achievements. I wish to apologize if my remarks have led to this conclusion. These conclusions are not correct. The work that has been done by Dr. Rusbridge is of great value and has helped us enormously. The only wish I wanted to express is that we continue to explore the disease to better understand the possible causes and hopefully get the needed solutions. For this it is important that as many scientists as possible investigate their own ideas and publish about them. Only together, in harmony, can we get away from this disease.

Dr. Paul Mandigers"