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8th July 2013, 08:50 PM
Anyone know of an effective dog mace - strong enough and proven to repel pit bulls? My wife was walking our dog on a public sidewalk when two pit bulls ran from a residence toward her. She picked up our dog and kept turning as they jumped up trying to get our dog. My wife kicked one in the head and it left. She kept screaming for the owners to come out and get their dogs - 4 cars in the driveway and no one responded. She crossed the street and the dog followed continuing the jumping, etc. Finally, she heard a young voice call the dog in. Called the police and an animal control officer responded. She went to the offender's house prior to coming to our home and heard the two pits barking inside. She acknowledged being afraid since she was alone and there were two pits. We gave her a supporting deposition and since there were two dogs, each offense gets cited twice. My wife was understandably shaken and so was our dog. Very grateful there were no visible injuries and really looking forward to going to court.

8th July 2013, 11:33 PM
So glad your wife and dogs are physically unharmed!

I'm not sure if dog mace works but I can bet regular pepper spray does! My husband is a gun toting redneck (he wouldn't mind me saying so- I fact he's proud of) and we both own and carry regularly LEGALLY so I'm kind of used to having a weapon with me. I honestly HATE carrying a handgun just for sheer inconvenience (its heavy etc) so I mainly carry regular pepper spray. I do bring it with me while I walk Fletcher and I would use it if it ever became necessary.

I have a friend who own 2 little dogs, she let her brother live with her for a "few weeks" a couple years ago. He owned 2 pits and was NOT the most responsible owner. The type that seem to mostly own pit bulls (you know). She told her brother that unless he was actively watching the dog they needed to be crated, period. Well she used to take her dogs to work and she came in one evening and her brother was out and the pits were loose in the house before she had time to do anything one attacked her little dog. She pepper sprayed BOTH dogs (and herself) but using it she was able to get the pit off her dog. She ended up and both the emergency vet and the hospital!!!! But she saved her dog! Just saying :) Her brothers dog was put down and tested for rabies, his choice AND she kicked him out the same night.

9th July 2013, 11:50 AM
So sorry to read your post, I hope your wife and dog are both ok but I understand how frightening this is and how shaken you are left. A similar thing happened to me quite recently. We have a very bad tempered dog in our neighbourhood that has gone for Leo twice. The last time it lunged across the road towards us, the lady owner couldn't hold on to it and let go. I managed to get between it and Leo whilst she screamed at it to return with no effect. She finally came and got it after I quite verbally suggested she did so!!! I spoke to the police about what I could carry and pepper spray is illegal in the UK however hairspray isn't! and Im told squirting that in a dogs eyes will have a good effect too. Hope your family are all ok . Mel X

9th July 2013, 01:00 PM
By personal experience don't bother with any spray marked for dogs, it is too weak. You will have to get bear spray. Unfortunately I have had to use it on a dog, and it did stop. It did not seem to bother it much though. I also have used the repeal for dogs, didn't do much but the dog stopped just as it ran out, and seemed to laugh at me.

9th July 2013, 02:51 PM
As a 70-something woman, I'm a little afraid to walk Bentley in our neighborhood by myself. Hubby does that and sometimes I go along. I'd like to do it for my own exercise but the idea of tangling with a mean dog and trying to keep Bentley safe in the process doesn't sit well with me! I've never seen a loose dog in this subdivision; always leashed and on a walk with the owners or safely enclosed with the privacy-fenced backyard, but you never know!