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11th July 2013, 04:29 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Melyssa and I have a 1.5 year old black and tan cavalier girl named Maisie. She is my second Cavalier, my first being a blenheim that I was lucky to have for 9 years. Sadly she passed away from MVD a little over a year ago. My love for cavaliers pushed me to take on another one and I was lucky enough to get Maisie, which was my first dog's niece, and is a fun connection!

One of the main reasons I joined the forum, aside from my love for the breed, is because much like my first cav, Maisie has a sensitive stomach and right now we are unable to determine any major health concerns (which is a good thing!), so it comes down to either a food sensitivity or just having a stomach that needs constant monitoring.

For several months now she has had issues starting out with terrible gas pains that last for hours causing her to squeal and shake and sometimes it results in diarrhea but not always. There has yet to be a direct correlation that I can find to a specific treat or food source. However, she is like a hoover vacuum and eats anything! One time the gas was so bad for her that she was in the hospital overnight and I was able to see through the X-ray how bad it gets for her. She doesn't pass anything, it just sits in her little body until it goes away on it's own. I have gas medicine for her which only helps if you can catch it in time and while in the stomach.

Does anyone else deal with sensitive stomachs with their cavs? Any suggestions for chew treats or foods that you use?

We are happy to be on the forum and look forward to reading and sharing.