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14th October 2013, 12:41 PM
Hi Everyone. How are you all today on this very cloudy and rainy day in England.

Well I thought I would just say a few lines to let you know how Merlin is getting on, and most importantly to say thank you to you all.
Since all this began with Merlin, you all have replied generously to my threads and posts, your kind words have kept me going, and your vital information and experiences have helped me in more ways that you could imagine. This Cavalier Forum is the best thing since sliced bread and i'm so happy to have found it. and also found all of you lovely people who are going through or have gone through the same problems as me and Merlin.

A big thank you to Kate Hughes, her emails and kind words have cheered me up when i've felt my lowest with Merlin, and she has kept me strong enough to fight for Merlin in good and bad days. - Kate I can't thank you enough.

Merlin is still doing really well, he's now on 100mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day, and has metacam each morning.
Following his paralysis, he can now totally move his right ear up and down and his right eye is closing more and more and this morning........ he blinked, only a small blink, but I saw it ........ I shot off the settee and ran to him to give him a big kiss and then started dancing around the living room, as you can imagine he was just looking at me gone out, thinking ...."mum's gone mad" after a while he got up and started running around my legs all excited. Was so proud of him, he's been such a little fighter.

His limping has improved a lot, just a very slight limp there now, not that you would notice really, Saturday and Sunday he didnt yelp once, and I havent heard him yelp today either. We had a very soggy wet walk on the fields this morning, he's back to kicking his legs up in the leaves and soil, mini spurts of running here and there, ears flapping all over the place.

He is still on his vet prescription diet (hills metabolic weight solutions), we weighed him at the vets at the weekend and he's lost 400grams in the space of 4 weeks. I dont know if thats a good amount of weight loss for a Cavalier but at least he's loosing it and not gaining. :lol:

So there's my update for today, i'm off for a cup of tea now to warm me up. :cffee:

Best wishes
Gemma and Merlin. xx

14th October 2013, 02:25 PM
That is such terrific news! Good thoughts for you and Merlin:jmp:

Sydneys Mom
14th October 2013, 02:32 PM
Well done Gemma and Merlin! So happy to hear he is better. Fingers crossed that this upward trend continues. :hug: