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Bentley and Me
18th October 2013, 07:13 AM
We got Bentley 8 days ago. He is six months old and was with the breeder all that time, they intended to keep him but changed their minds, deciding to get out of dog breeding. He was raised with his Daddy and other dogs. He was in their kennel but allowed some time in their house as well but wasn't really a "house dog" per se.

I was told he wasn't "house broken" when we got him but in the 8 days we have had him he is spot on going outside to do his business (lucky us). He was never crate trained but he sleeps in his crate next to my bed at night and never makes a peep, going into it willingly and sleeps all night. I do have to keep alot of toys and things for him to chew or he could be a problem if he gets bored in the house. He and I play fetch and spend time outdoors for exercise as well.

I do have one question? How do you NOT spoil these dogs? They are under your feet, at your side and looking for you to love them 24/7 and if you are home all day long like I am that is ALOT of attention. Does this create a separation anxious situation when you can't be here? Is there any way to avoid that?

Just a question I have for future reference. Whoever said these are velcro dogs sure had that right.


Love my Cavaliers
18th October 2013, 04:10 PM
We like to say "indulged" rather than spoiled! And, yes I also have several velcro dogs - I go down the hall, they go down the hall, I come back up, they come back up. And I love it!!! I never found though that it created separation anxiety. I always give a treat when I leave so they actually look forward to me leaving. After the treat is finished, they wait by the front door until I return. Even when they were young, they would go into their crates and wait for their treats. I guess because I was gone I don't know if they whined after they finished their treats, but they were quiet by the time I got home. Bentley is adorable. You're very lucky so far with the house training. Keep up with giving him things to do - I once made the mistake of thinking my 7 month old and her older sister (1 and 1/2) were ok to be left alone for about 15 minutes while I did something - WRONG! They started chewing the baseboards. Expensive lesson learned - negligent mamma!!! Keep having fun with him!!

18th October 2013, 05:37 PM
I agree with Bev - just give them a treat when you leave and they will look forward to you leaving! Mine cant wait for me to go to work the mornings! I cant deny that my two are spoiled - but I don't really care ;).

18th October 2013, 05:44 PM
At this moment MY Bentley (almost 3 yrs old) is asleep on my lap. Again. He's jealous of my laptop and always needs to get up here if I'm on it. Our kids think we're nuts because of the way we indulge (spoil) him. We're in our 70s and had never had a house dog before.

Sydneys Mom
18th October 2013, 06:40 PM
Bentley is adorable! To answer your question about how to not spoil them.........-well, there is no way around it, spoiling is actually the first requirement of owning a cavalier!:rotfl::rotfl:

BellaMia does the same as Bev and Courtney dogs, when she sees me getting ready to leave, she runs into her kennel knowing there is a treat. Smart dogs!

18th October 2013, 08:11 PM
Cavaliers have been bred for a LONG time to be spoiled, pampered, and cuddled. Good luck trying not to "spoil" yours, its almost like trying to teach a bull to ballet dance (a saying my father-in-law uses regularly) Owning a velcro dog like cavaliers you should just really embrace the company. Fletcher is sitting on the back of the sofa now-well actually he's laying on my neck like a scarf, he wags his tail into my face every now and then too:cool:

My husband takes our older poodle, Eddie to work with him daily. Fletcher is home alone and crated about 30 mins in the mornings and about an hour in the early afternoons. My teenager gets home at 2 pm and walks him almost daily, if its not raining she likes to do her homework laying on a blanket in fields not too far away (yes, she'll do this in the dead of winter too) There are some days, like today when I had a work meeting after my regular am shift so Fletcher was crated more like 2 hours he doesn't mind at all. I give don't always give him a treat when I leave, he loves it when I do but it fine either way.

I think if you are not having problems then don't worry about it. Some cavaliers have separation problems, others don't. I spoil the heck out of my dog and I don't really care if someone thinks I'm nuts or a crazy cavalier lady. I have to say I spoil him just as much as I do my kids, however being spoiled and a rotten brat are two different things. I don't tolerate misbehavior of any kind from my dogs or kids. Laying on my head, following me around, being my shadow is exactly how I want my cavalier to act and I love every second of it.

Bentley and Me
19th October 2013, 04:33 PM
Good comments all. Bentley is such a good puppy. He poops in the yard every time and even wipes his own rear end, good dog !! Working on brushing him now, he absolutely hates it so far but he will eventually get used to it. Using treats and lots of petting on that one.

The hunt instinct in him is VERY strong, more than I ever imagined. In the week i have had him he has learned sit and down, very smart dog - guess that is their huge desire to please. You are right about one thing, cannot leave him alone for 5 minutes or he finds things to chew on, even though he has a plastic dishpan full of toys he drags out all over the house. I am feeding him Diamond brand chicken and rice dog food. It is kind of expensive but much better than the junk you get at the grocery store. Did any of you read about all the dogs who got sick eating Beneful dog food?

I do not feed him table food or alot of treats at this point to avoid diarreha and upset stomach. Also, i have a parrot who we spoiled doing that and he squawks every time we go toward the kitchen now. I decided not to have Bentley be a beggar at the table too. sometimes I feel bad eating in front of him but i think its the right thing to do, at least for now when potty training is in process.