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Bentley and Me
1st November 2013, 06:51 PM
bentley is an obsessive chewer. i have a handle on this with enough things to satisfy him but question: Does this ever slow down? I mean, he never stops. He is 7 months old today.

1st November 2013, 08:32 PM
My Bentley was also a huge chewer. He's now almost 3 years old and that has virtually stopped, actually for a long time. Early on, however, he chewed the base of an antique dining table, a window sill, wood blinds on a door, corners of 2 leather recliners, rungs of dining chairs, anything woven such as rattan baskets, etc. I had a large decorative basket on the floor next to the couch that got ruined. It was really bad up to about 18 months, then gradually tapered off and it never happens now. We've moved into a smaller home and are not using the chewed furniture right now. My husband knows how to repair/refinish wood furniture so if we should move again and need the furniture he can fix it.

Bentley and Me
1st November 2013, 08:40 PM
I sure hope my Bentley follows in your Bentley's footsteps. A lady who has Bentley's grandmother and knows this line really well and has seen alot of the offspring says they are usually over most of this at 12 months. It would be nice nice to have to watch the dog like a hawk when he is loose in the house which is all the time except for his sleep cage at night.

I don't believe in locking him up in a crate for my convenience so I will have to just monitor where he is and what he is doing and hope that with training and enough toys, etc. and age he becomes somewhat trustworthy not to destroy the house. So far he has been pretty good in the house if you keep your eye on where he is.

1st November 2013, 08:42 PM
Bosco is a chewer. As a pup, he chewed rugs and furniture, but fortunately that stopped as he got older. He is now age 2 and still chews paper (including my kids homework), money (yes indeed!), eye glasses, pens, pencils and other assorted "minor" items. We've made it our business to do our best in keeping such items off the floor and out of reach. Fortunately, he does not chew shoes, which I find odd.

The best think I find to give him to satisfy his chewing urge are bully tips. He can munch on the tips for a few hours before finishing them, so they last a day or two. I don't know what you can do for a chewer, other than correct him when you see him chewing something that he is not supposed to and giving him something better to chew on as part of a trade. I've read that dogs chew out of boredom, so try to give him toys to keep him busy.

Good luck. I really think it will taper off as he ages, but I'm not sure if he will ever stop chewing completely.

PS...my chins do NOT chew anything. Amen!