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19th November 2013, 02:03 PM
I will be bringing home a 8-week old cavalier in a few weeks and have a few questions.

1) Should I crate train him on the first night? (I have a 24" x 18" crate with a divider)

-If so, should I leave space for a pee pad or newspapers because he's so young? Or no space so he doesn't go in the crate. How long should this go on for.

2) I live in an apartment (home all day). Can I bring him out on a leash yet? Also, any recommendations for a collar and lead?

3) What's a good chew toy? I heard carrot sticks. Is that ok for his age?

4) What's a good overall toy for us to play together.

5) What's a good overall toy for him to play by himself.

6) What's healthy reward treat should I use?

Anything else I should know. I'm reading My Smart Puppy at the moment. I hope that's OK for Cavaliers.


25th November 2013, 04:14 AM
my cav is a bed sleeper..they are real lovers! up to you....but i am a fan of crateing when you are not home...you will have to take him out at night....usually like babies every 4-6h at first....most will whine to let u know....u will figure that out quick...only danger of a bed sleeper.....i have started leash training by just putting it on them in the house for 5m at a time to get used to wearing it without u having lead...then outside just wearing it without u having lead...building it up...prob waiting a week or so depending on how hes doing....i think 8weeks is young...most small breeds are recommended to stay with mamma longer so i wouldnt expect much from him for a few weeks...no treats for a few weeks either imho....post pics!! love puppies!!!!! keep toys simple....ropes sqeekies...

26th November 2013, 12:43 AM
Look up a Dunbar book (it's on CT just search it) called After You Get Puppy. It is full of really really good tips. I opted for a xpen area set up. I believe following Dunbar's advice to a T was a big reason I was able to house train so easily. When pup is not with you and I mean out of your arms reach , pup should be in their xpen area. I knew I wanted him to sleep with us at night after he was trustworthy- not just from potting in the house but getting into things. I would 100% discourage you from having an 8 week old pup in your bed. He could pee or worst, he could fall off and injure himself, he could get off the bed unbeknownst to you and find something that could hurt him. Fletcher slept in a small hard plastic travel crate ON my bedside table for the first several weeks. That way he knew I was there and I could hear him when he needed to go out.

Cavaliers do better with harnesses than collars, I personal think step in harnesses are a MUST for a wiggly puppy. You have a disadvantage living in an apartment. Puppy would are not full vaccinated, like yours should have limited access to public spaces especially place other strange dogs might use. No big deal but you are going to have to be a little creative about finding your pups potty spot. I have NEVER been in favor of paper or pad training a dog then retraining them to go outside later, just think about it and come up with something.

Toys are hard to tell, each dog is different. Fletcher needs tough toys he has a little habit of eating fabric!!!!!! Just pick up a few different kinds that catch your eye. Aim for a few different kinds of chew toys too. I buy a Kong....dogs love them, keeps them busy for awhile. I do not think you should give your cavalier a carrot stick as a chew but a bite sized slice is a good training treat. I do not buy "doggie" treats at the store I give Fletcher bite sized carrot, sweet potato (no skin), strawberries, blueberries, banana whatever fresh fruit or veg I have on hand oh frozen plain green beans work well too and keep. Puppies usually have a touch of tummy trouble from the stress of moving to a new home. Make sure you have a vet appt set up for the day after you bring him home!!!! Tell your vet if he is having any issues, not eating is common too. I do not see any reason to NOT introduce these treats as soon as his tummy is good.

Oh VERY IMPORTANT, extra batteries for your camera! Cavalier pups are EXTREMELY photogenic. :snap:

Do you have a name picked out already?

27th November 2013, 09:06 PM
Hello Mdelu,

I agree 100% with Momobvious. Read those Dunbar books, as much as you can. They are free, and they were incredibly helpful for us, before we got Teddy and after. His advice is second to none, and we too followed his advice regarding the pen and den - absolutely priceless.

Regarding sleeping with your puppy, he really will be too small to do that. If you roll over you might squash him (Teddy sleeps with us now but he is nearly a year old and still tucks himself under us), or your puppy might not be able to wake you up to go to the toilet if he is under the covers and you can't hear him. Please wait until he is a good few months old first before doing that (Teddy was about five or six I think). We had a second den (but smaller) in our bedroom at the side of the bed whilst he was tiny and new - again like MomObvious says, so he can see you, and you can hear him - because he will need to go the toilet regularly. and you will have to take him outside to help training him that 'outside outside' is the place to do it. (ideally).

We did have a poo pad in teddys pen, but he only ripped those up, and possibly because every two hours we took him out for a wee or a poo, he never actually used them. Infact we still have a whole drawer of them left, (Just in case we ever give in and get a little sister or brother for him).

For collar and lead training, we started him with a collar in the house for an hour or so every day when he had been with us for about two weeks. He tried everything to remove it, but eventually got used to it (get one of those soft collars first). We then attached his lead to it, and let him carry that around with him, before trying to lead him around the house with it - that took about a week before he settled into that idea. BUT - we used a harness to actually take him for walks (and still do).

Also, he should really have his second injections and wait a while after before being taken anywhere near other dogs - so I would advise plenty of people visiting him at home to socialise him, and if you want to take him anywhere prior to his second injections, take him nowhere near other dogs, and keep him in your arms until he is fully boosted.

Regards a toy - a baby kong is a must, and Teddy also had something to chew which wasn't going to splinter or unravel - we found a white rubber bone that tasted of milk (evidently), and he also loved the vegetable based chews in the shape of a toothbrush, kept him quiet for hours.

For treats, Teddy liked anything that didn't move fast enough, so we had to be very careful food wise. He loved and still loves small bits of carrot, banana, chicken, fish, pasta, etc., Avoid fatty shop bought treats if you can, and try to keep to healthy veg and fruit - if you make him think it is a treat he will believe it is. Also whilst training we used dried venison bits (you can buy them on line). Tiny little tasty mortals that they will do anything for - but don't overdo those.

There's loads of things I could think of, but to be honest, please please read the Dunbar books - they should be given to new puppy owners everywhere as they are the most helpful book you could ever read.

Looking forward to hearing more about your new baby and I hope I have helped you a little.

Exciting times ahead for you :) Im quite jealous.

Lynne and Teddy x

28th November 2013, 01:44 AM
Everyone has given really good advice. The only thing I would stress is to hold off on treats of any kind, until the pup is settled and having regular bowel movements. It's stressful for a pup to come to a new home, and an upset tummy/diarrhea is not fun. Stick with the food the breeder recommends for a few weeks, and then vary his diet.

Good luck.