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Super Princess
7th January 2014, 01:42 AM
So I was waiting for Maggies hair to grow in nicely like her moms...but its all wild and fluffy...
our breeder said the reason her hair was not like her moms (nice ..straight ) was because i had her spayd.

We go to the beach and parks a lot...
and i decided i wanted it short..kinda like her puppy fur..when she was 4 or 5 months old...
found a picture online..mum gave me a gift card to try a new groomer..

I was soooooo nervous. I always HATED it when they got oliver short.

I was really impressed with our new groomer though. you walk in..its clean..organized..smelled amazing. not like lots of dogs.....the dogs..are not stuck in those metal cages but aloud to run loose behind a gated back room(which you can see into via a window and the door. the people were super friendly.
ive only ever had her at pet smart..those people were grumpy ..bickered infront of me.

I described what i wanted and showed her the picture.. (acutaly its one i bumped here on CT a few days ago)
I have to say its not quite what i expected..its a bit shorter then i thought it would be..but it dose look good. maybe not as cute as she was before...
they left her ears alone at my request (last groomer shaved them..theyre just starting to grow in)
But its great to be able to see her figure under all that fur...and know what im working with when it comes to her weight loss(shes got a poundish to loose)
im not sure what i think..she kinda looks like a beagle lol.
but its better then when oliver first got shaved. "he looks like a potatoe"


7th January 2014, 01:53 AM
I think she looks great!

Her and Pippa will match when they meet :)

When did you get Maggie spayed? I've read about that happening with neutering but not spaying - maybe she's just half amazon woman.

Super Princess
7th January 2014, 02:04 AM
Thanks!! :D She cant wait to meet Pippa.

ohhh im trying to remember...i think it was at 6 or 7 months..ill ask my mum. she might remember..she lent me the money! haha probably still owe her for it. :D
the groomer said the same thing..she hadn't heard that. she had howerver heard that if you cut the fur..itll grow back al ittle more wild.
I know olivers hair was simlilar, and he was always getting clipped.

7th January 2014, 02:35 PM
She looks fine :D -- and her coat will grow back in quickly anyway so you'll have a little more length which might be more what you had in mind.

A wilder and curlier coat could possibly be due to a spay, but at the same time, most cavaliers with really neat, straight coats are that way because they've been groomed. Puppies don't necessarily have the same coats as their parents, and of course, one parent may carry genes that are different for coats than the other, and you never know what result you'll have. One other potential reason for the fluffy coat is her extra weight–this can actually really change the nature of their coat! one of my rescue girls came in very overweight and with a really out of control, fluffy and dry coat, but when she came down to a normal weight, her coat improved. I've got 4 neutered females in the house at the moment, 3 of which have been neutered for a long long time, and only one has a fluffier coat (the one who was overweight at the start). I actually just trim it myself with thinning shears that you can get at groomer supplies stores. You don't need to be any great hand at grooming to use them, and there are plenty of tutorials online. It's hard to make a huge mess of things simply because they only take out alternating bits of hair, rather than cutting everything off. At any rate, I certainly do not know how to properly groom a dog :P , but Lily looks fine and, I think, better than what groomers do when they use the shaver and take the coats down really short. The only place where I won't use them is on the tail. None of the other dogs need to be trimmed in this way. So that's one alternative you might want to consider, that will also save you some money! You'll quickly gain confidence in trimming, too, and she'll look exactly the way you want her to look. :)

7th January 2014, 05:09 PM
I think Maggie looks adorable. I had Bosco's hair cut last summer, as it was hot in NYC and he seemed to be feeling the heat. I thought he looked great! It grew back very nicely, he now has a very thick coat and it seems to look like what he originally looked like prior to getting a hair cut. I will say that most of the cavs I see are all groomed short, and I think I'm of of the few hold outs that lets it grow and stay that way. I do cut out any knots/matts I find and I do trim the hairs beneath his feet. Last week, we were in the park and a jogger stopped to ask me if he was a CKC. She said she had never seen one with all his hair! LOL! Cavs are adorable, long or short haired, so I say go with whatever works for you! I would never trim the ears or tail though, and I'm partial to fluffy feet!


Super Princess
9th January 2014, 04:35 AM
Its been a couple days now and i like it. although for some reason it kinda reminds me of gollum. hahah i dont know why. i think shes adorable. lol
It could be the weight..We've been to the vet but like i said i wasnt happy with their path of weight loss..it made no sence to me. but both the pet stores have said shes not TOO bad. Needs to be taken care of..top priority. we had a long talk with the people at bosleys..and they said just get her out for more walks...its not a food issue..which is good. although i have traded her flavor to light and fit which is slightly less calories.
great info on the thinning shears.. ive cut maggie a few times myself (either matts, her mutton chops or the hair on top of her head (i loveeee her wild child hair on her head...she has 'buddies' on instagram (haha i know) that have wild hair. but her breeder hates it. she has a nice spot on her head the breeder loves... lol. so i cut it one day myself and it looked ...it looked ok but a bit choppy. bet the shears woudla worked a lot better.

Its funny ..we have a few cavaliers in victoria..more then there ever used to be..and of course we talk to all of them.
ive found here at least most are long haird. most are shorter then maggie too. she seems to be a tall lady!
shes even taller then her littermate. though no one is suprised with that...carly was the small one of the litter. :D