View Full Version : Coat issues... can it be related to SM?

13th November 2014, 04:24 PM
Hi All,

I have posted here about a year ago where I was suspecting that my pup who was about 7 months old back then had SM.. Now a year has passed and she is doing great with 100mg gabapentin x3 + omaprozole. Screeming episodes stopped. Though she still bites herself and scratches herself every now and then particularly when she is bored and has nothing to do! She never scratches herself or bites herself when we take her out. However I am a little bit worried because her coat is very dry and it is not growing at all. She still looks like a puppy not that I am complaining because she is soooo cute. But I am worried maybe it can be a side effect of some of the medications. Has anyone experienced these issues?


21st November 2014, 11:13 PM
Yes, we were experiencing a dry, dull coat too.
Charlie takes 300 mgs of Gabapentin daily and cimetidine three times a day. I got used to his coat but when I took him to a groomer she expressed concern.
his vet recommended salmon oil be added to his food because it is readily absorbed.
now a month has passed and his coat is looking much better so I think it's a side effect to the drugs.
Darn SM.:-X

22nd November 2014, 12:16 PM
I'm not so sure about a dry coat necessarily being a side effect of the drugs taken to treat SM. Rebel always had a patch of dry coat from the base of his tail, running up the centre of his back almost to the rib area. He always had really bad dandruff too, which I could disguise with product while we were at show, but which rapidly returned the next day.

I wonder if it could be a side effect of SM, because Rebel was probably born with it?

24th November 2014, 07:12 AM
The vet has prescribed omega 3 and I have seen great improvement on her coat it has become really soft and silky. However there are still some patches of dry coat but there is no sign of dandruff. I never noticed them when she was younger. I am wondering if is maybe diet related. Been to two vets one is in favor of dry food and the other one of raw... don't know which one I should follow!!?