View Full Version : chiari SM Syringomyelia

19th April 2015, 08:55 PM
I just wanted to share some tips! Elevate your dogs food and water bowl and avoid giving treats where they have to bend their head down as much as possible. This can cause an episode of pain- cry out loud/get contorted, lift an affected paw. Episodes last seconds that feel like minutes. Then suddenly they're ok. Give ice chips for heavy panting. The vet says they're not panting b/c they are hot but I feel it helps my dog, as well as keeping the room cool- the dog may look for cool place to lay down but be careful with slippery floors. Keep an eye on the dog if you leave the coach and he or she is on it. Looking down to try to jump off can trigger an episode and risk falling (same thing w stairs). I crate her when I leave as she strangely wants to go upstairs which she never does if I'm not home. And rain seems to make it worse, so please remember to try to not miss giving any meds around the clock. When she has an episode I just console her and help her sit otherwise she'll go in circles in various directions trying to get comfortable- so make sure your dog can't fall or slip. And remember to seek the advice of a specialist. Most vets do not know how to handle this condition especially a crisis. Same goes with MVP.

Kate H
20th April 2015, 11:22 AM
Rain making it worse is probably related to change in air pressure, which does seem to make CM/SM dogs worse, whether it goes up or down rapidly. Keeping an eye on it on a weather app can help to anticipate pain episodes and perhaps forestall them with extra medication. And dog steps are a great help for getting on and off the couch. Your nursing skills definitely improve!