View Full Version : What Car for cavvies??

3rd August 2015, 08:13 PM
Hello...I have two beautiful cavaliers (quite large ones actually, Not fat just large 15 kg each). A female black & tan who is six and a male tricolour aged 4 1/2. They are half brother & sister! I am thinking to change my car, can anyone suggest a smallish car with a large boot space to accommodate them comfortably. Currently they sit on the back seat (in a harness/dog seat belt) but can be a distraction to me when driving. any ideas please. I recently hired a VW Tiguan to go on hol with dogs...this was fab for the doggies, but a bit expensive for me to buy one of my own. Suggestions please

29th August 2015, 10:14 PM
If they are accustomed to having the back seat I am assuming that means you don't have a car full of children. Why not go with a smaller VW like the up, polo, or golf, the back seats fold forward which will make the boot space huge and you can easily get a kennel in there to keep them from moving around?

I used to have a VW, and really loved it, so I'm very partial to the brand. Car-free for 3 years now, though!

You might also look at things like the Honda CR-V.