View Full Version : Coventry Walkathon 2016

Kate H
27th April 2016, 10:18 AM
On Sunday, 15 May, I and my Cavalier Ruby will be taking part in the Coventry Walkathon in the War Memorial Park. We shall be raising money for Cavalier Matters, which funds a lot of health research into MVD and CM/SM and other diseases that are sadly common in Cavaliers.
I want Ruby to have a healthier future than my other Cavaliers, especially Aled who died of heart disease last year aged 7. The research projects that Cavalier Matters supports will hopefully one day lead to a real and much-needed breakthrough in controlling these Cavalier diseases. Please help me to help them to give our lovely dogs a longer and healthier life

You can give via my Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/Kate-Hughes16 (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.justgiving.com%2FKate-Hughes16&h=bAQGsagiJAQEh-DnsZFf1qADhNoq61my32atrxazB_dw0mg&enc=AZMt-BDf0XpkcPiIWhU6zsyeA2zJSXMFXakBFDOk43E9g_6gIn8zMoa tWawZ_PrET8MR5_PbAX19m8L_8gZhtDphSqxqDUuaR99GRHu1T hT7nL9SPPwD8HHTJeGCuBHSC2Ge02rz2Hm3PczfAB6thsjDCoh cyAQAV-iusDbhs89IQ5l3DKja_Rk0F9yusgjU7dmYNNQdq1icpd3xlkNh Zf5U&s=1) We are aiming for 500, and so far have raised 200.

Thank you from Kate and Ruby