View Full Version : Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)

16th June 2016, 06:21 AM
Has anyone had any experiences with Hymolytic Anemia (IMHA). My 1.6 year old was just diagnosed with this. He was misdignosed with Anaplasmosis (infection from a tick bite) but was not responding to the antibiotics (via the emergency hospital). He was not improving so I took him to my own vet and they diagnosed the anemia. It came on so quick. One day he was happy and bouncy and next day lethargic and no energy. He started Prednisone today. He is at level 24 with his red blood cells and 15 means he has to have a blood transfusion. Has anyone had an experience with this before? If so, can it be successfully treated or is this going to be on-going for life? Does anyone have any theories about how or why this happens?

Thank you so much in advance for any information you might have. :(