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12th March 2005, 11:21 PM

Is someone contacting Bart to see if he will let you combine the two boards? I like yours much better, but everyone seems to be posting on the other board. Two boards are confusing. I will gladly help in any way i can....just let me know.

Sorry about the hugh picture. I deleted it and Bonnie said she would walk me thru it.

13th March 2005, 01:01 AM
I already asked him, and he hasn't replied, which I presume means he wants to run his own board (it is a sideshoot to his website and I doubt he will want to give it up). I want to do some different things, and it is too hard to do them without being the admin on a board; they are things he's not too interested in doing I guess but they are things I really like (like avatars and good smilies, categories for forums rather than just a list of forums, and so on). It's easier to run it myself.

I'll be stepping down as a moderator on that board shortly and letting Bart know that I've set up a board. People can go where they like... ;) Back when Lidia's board was around I spent most of my time there and checked in too to the old Cavalier Connection before Bart set up the moderated board, plus some other boards (and a number of email lists). So some people do tend to move around, which is fine.

I've not really wanted to push this board until I get a few more pieces in place.


13th March 2005, 02:32 AM
I dropped Bart an email to let him know I'd be stepping down as a moderator and also posted to the board. People can PM me for the URL... :)

13th March 2005, 03:21 AM
[quote="karlin"]I already asked him, and he hasn't replied, which I presume means he wants to run his own board (it is a sideshoot to his website and I doubt he will want to give it up).

What is his website and how is the CKCS board an offshoot of this?

I think this is going way too fast. Karlin, I really appreciate all the work you have done and agree this could be a better site. But I don't want to lose the people that came to the other board for advice and education.

I would really like a combination of the two. I think the URL for the Connection Board is better, it is established and doesn't bring up car/phone/misc chat sites.

Isn't there someway that we can approach Bart to get it all resolved? Rosalie offered, I'm willing as well. It makes so much sense to have a board where there are not only moderators but active admin people as well.

Emails can be so impersonal. Anyway way someone can contact him by phone?

13th March 2005, 11:22 AM
I can almost guarantee you he won't gived up the admin of his own board or the URL. People don't like to surrender those kind of internet 'properties'. Bart's had his general cavalier site for a long time... he actually owns http://www.ckcs.com. The old board linked directly from that URL until he started the new one with a different URL but it is still part of his own website that he has spent a long time developing.

I'd actually prefer people not ask him -- I don't want him feeling I set this site up as a challenge to him (as I didn't) and I don't want to merge the two and have them be his messageboard on his site -- I want to do something different that allowed other things (like avatars), offered more sections, and gave cavalier rescue some resource space.

I only initially offered to take over the ownership and running of the board if he were no longer going to maintain it -- as it had been down for about 10 days. But he obviously wanted to get it fixed and running again and has an interest in keeping the board as part of his site.

In short, I don't want to merge the boards and have them under a domain someone else owns so there isn't really anything to talk to Bart about on this subject.

Keep in mind that the only reason cavalier connection comes up easily in searches is that it has now existed for 11 months and it takes time for a board to generate a profile in search engines. Also membership went from 1 to nearly 500 in under a year (though only about 50 of those have ever been remotely active and we have lost several very active members in that time as well -- many people tend to come and go on boards). Boards tend to find their own readership if they offer a good community and resource.