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14th March 2005, 04:15 PM
"Duke" Very cute. Special needs.


Notes: Hi! My name is Duke. I am a four-year-old pure-bred Cavalier King Charles. I am extremely sweet, very affectionate, and I love to go for walks. Unfortunately, I am a puppy mill dog and have problems with my back hips and will need to be on medication for the rest of my life. It slows me down a little, I can’t run and play ball like other dogs my age, but I do like to take walks. I like a slow, steady pace. I also have a problem with marking, and my foster mom is going to try one of those “belly bands” on me. It could be a side effect of my medication. I am doggy door trained. I’m very good with other dogs. Probably should be in a home with older children, since I can’t play with the younger ones. I don’t know about cats. I love to cuddle and sit on your lap and watch TV with you at night. I’m also crate trained. Please contact Charlene if you would like any more information on me.

Three in the NE, all from the same home, but now in separate fosters. So cute!!


Notes: Hazel is a sweet and gentle girl, age nine, who personifies the tail-wagging Cavalier spirit. Her favorite activity, resting on the sofa, is interrupted only by rolling over for tummy rubs and greeting a newly-arrived family member. She's calm, content, and quiet, but definitely excited by dinner time or any opportunity for a treat--and a pat on the head definitely counts as a treat.

Hazel is a loving and truly nice girl who is easy and pleasant to be around. Her previous owner is an elderly lady who is unable to care for her pets, which is why Hazel, along with 4 other Cavaliers, is in foster care. Because Hazel was used to having her person home, we are seeking a family in which someone is home much of the time.

Hazel's foster family is in Haverhill, MA (near the Salem/NH border, area code 978), and we are happy to consider prospective families who live within 3 hours drive of this area. To be considered for Hazel, please call Carolyn at (239) 395-3601.


Notes: Packer is an 8 year old very endearing boy whose owner could no longer care for him. He's a pretty spry fellow who loves being by his caretakers side, going for car rides and walks, and playing in the yard. A gentle fellow who enjoys couch time as well as being with his people during their activities, Packer will make a great companion for a moderately active, but calm person.

Daphne ( http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=4160745 )


Notes: Daphne is a really sweet, sweet girl who loves to warm a lap, yet has a sauciness that belies her age (9). Somewhat shy on meeting new people, once she gets to know you, Daphne becomes a typical Cavalier, wanting to always be by your side or on your lap. Daphne enjoys the company of other nice, small dogs, but large, boisterous dogs make her run for cover. A delight to be around, Daphne acts much younger than her age and has no trouble keeping up with her foster mom's young dogs. She will chase cats, however, (thinks they are squeaky toys:)), so we won't place her in a home with kitties.

Daphne came to rescue because her elderly owner is ill and can no longer care for her. She has a sister, Abigail, with whom she is close, we'd like to place the pair together if we can (not mandatory though).

Daphne is being fostered in Ephrata, PA (area code 717, near Lancaster, PA). Her sister, who is posted separately, is being fostered in Freeville, NY (area code 607). We will be happy to speak with families who live within 3 hours driving distance of the foster homes. To be considered as a potential family for Daphne (and/or Abigail), please call Carolyn at (239) 395-3601.



Notes: Abigail is a very sweet 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was given up due to her owner's health problems. Her owner was heartbroken to part with Abigail, who has obviously been well cared for. Although Abigail has lived in one place her entire life, she adjusted quickly to her foster home and gets along well with children, other dogs and cats. The folks at the Cornell veterinary college gave her a good going over and pronounced her remarkably healthy for her age (she has a mild murmur, but no need for medication). Her teeth were just cleaned and are now pearly white.

Abigail has perfect manners, and does not jump up on people or cause any problems in the house. She loves to go for rides in the car and likes everyone she meets. In the house, she's not a lap dog, but is most happy to follow people from room to room and to lie quietly on the couch or on the floor. That said, if the opportunity arises for a walk, this girl is ready to go. She's super quiet and although we haven't heard her bark, her owner reported that she would bark at the doorbell. She hasn't been around any babies or toddlers while in foster care, but she's so good-natured and gentle, it's unlikely that well behaved children would pose any problems for her. She loves the foster family's older kids. Her ideal home would be with any Cavalier lover who would cherish the quiet companionship of this gracefully aging lady.

Abigail's sister, Daphne, is posted separately. We would love to place these two together because they are a bonded pair, but this is not mandatory.

Abigail is being fostered in Freeville, NY (area code 607), and we would be happy to talk with prospective families who live within 3 hours driving time of there. If you have an interest in potentially adopting Abigail (and/or her sister, Daphne who is posted separately), please call Carolyn at (239) 395-3601.