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10th April 2005, 11:20 AM
This poor fellow was rescued from one of the Dublin pounds just before Christmas. He went to a new home after that, but that didn't work out -- the classic case of a family getting a dog for the child and not really having thought through the overall picture. Poor Louie had gone from pillar to post, and no one had ever taken any time to train him (he didn't even know sit, and pulls hard on the lead, though he's only about three :cry: ). So his situation was suddenly very urgent as the second family didn't want him any more. I'd considered taking him since my folks are seeking a cavalier, but he'd have been more than my parents could handle, I decided with some reluctance, and with me in the middle of a move, it was the wrong time to take in a dog that needed calm and some training. I knew though that he'd find a home without too much difficulty -- he's very handsome, with lovely markings, and very sweet with people and other dogs; he just needs a gentle, firm hand and some stability in his poor life.

Thanks to a friend who does rescue work, he got his permanent home a week ago. icon_banana

Just a little uplifting story for a cold Sunday in April here in Dublin!


Here's Louie:



10th April 2005, 11:56 AM
icon_banana Yippeee for Louie. He is a beautiful boy.

10th April 2005, 03:57 PM
Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad Louie has a new home! :) He certainly is very cute. There's something about his head, though, that doesn't seem Cavalier.... I can't seem to pinpoint it... Is it the muzzle being long, in conjunction with a bigger head?? I don't know... ;)

10th April 2005, 04:24 PM
He wouldn't be atypical for a puppy mill or backyard bred dog (as you can see from many of the pics of mill rescues on the Lucky Star site) -- he's a bit oversize with a large head. On the other hand, many cavalier breeders breed for a longer nose, according to the Dog Fancy special issue on cavaliers, while others go for the shorter nose about 1.5 inches long from the stop. That explains why some of the show dogs seem long-nosed to me on various websites too -- my breeder clearly breeds for the short nose!

I've also seen really stocky dogs and dogs with muzzles so broad and flat that they look like they are crossed to bulldogs or pugs but I'm sure they are 'pure' cavaliers -- just not at all close to the breed standard. Indiscriminate breeding sure pulls dogs away from the breed standards fast. One reason why labs are getting SOOOO big -- I was surprised how small purebred labs are, when I saw them at the Irish nat'l show last month. However I think temperament is the biggest worry because it directly affects the dog's life as a pet. I know someone in Old English Sheepdog rescue who says so many are coming through now that are vicious that have to be pts before they even reach a year. The man who heads the St Bernard breed club and rescue here in Ireland told me the same about St Bernards recently, too; he says he'd never come across this in 25 years with St Bernards and in the past two years or so he's had three or four puppies that were vicious. :(

Louie fortunately is all cavalier in personality (and coat). He's maybe 28 lbs or so and has a slightly longer than usual muzzle.

14th April 2005, 01:16 AM
Amen, to your post, Karlin. Over the almost six years that I have been involved with Lucky Star, I have seen more and more dogs who look less and less than what the standard should be. When you throw a few males into the cage with an in heat female...just because the only wished for outcome is pups to sell to brokers ot through the newspaper...well, sadly that is what happens over time. We still do see some lovely dogs, but over time the "look" in the mills is being watered down. Thank God, these sweet dogs still maintain the Cavalier personality, though...at least, that is something. And they deserve a heck of a lot more than where they came from!!

1st July 2005, 08:03 PM
Aw Louie is grest Karlin and i'm glad things worked out! do you know how he's doing currently? It's sad how no-one took the time to train the poor dog but maybe now he can be finally happy with his new owners :D