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11th April 2005, 03:00 PM
From the Edinburgh Evening News, April 8th:



BEFORE we go any further, can I just point out that, contrary to last week’s column dated April 1, I have no intention whatsoever of standing at the impending General Election.

I know I didn’t catch all of you, but I caught one or two and can I just thank you for thinking what a suitable representative for Edinburgh South I’d be!

But last week’s April Fool hasn’t been the only piece of misinformation relating to me that has confused some of late.

Exactly four weeks ago, Boogie announced on the Forth One Breakfast Show that the Stott household was expecting a new addition. As you can imagine, word quickly got out and people were immediately congratulating me on the news.

It wasn’t until I got on air that I got the chance to fully explain. The addition was not a two-legged nappied variety that pooed everywhere, but a four-legged furry variety that pooed everywhere. Yes, we have got a dog.

Up until now I have resisted much pressure to make this step as I have never really been a "dog person".

Getting a dog was not the first thing that sprung to my mind when we discussed what the family needed most. Personally speaking, I was always in favour of a top-notch surround-sound home cinema system, but in this instance I was very much outnumbered. Three against one to be exact.

My main objection was I knew that once things had settled down, it would inevitably be down to muggins here to walk the little mutt on the cold damp nights and I wasn’t exactly keen to commit to that.

Unfortunately, I was outnumbered and when Claire’s sister announced she was buying a pup and his brother was still available, the writing was pretty much on the wall.

Let’s make no mistake here, we were prepared for this.

We spent a few weeks reading up on different breeds and seeking advice as to what dog would best suit our lifestyle and then before long, the food, chews, toys, bowls, bed, blankets, transporter, collar, tag and lead were all bought.

Then the big day came - on Saturday, March 5, Charlie, the nine-week-old King Charles cavalier spaniel, arrived chez Stott. And he was gorgeous. How else are you going to describe a tiny little bundle of tan and white fluff?

It didn’t take him long to settle in and he quickly learned where he was to do his business - anywhere he bloody felt like!

He soon improved in the toilet department and before long he had had all his jags and we were finally able to take him outside.

Bizarrely enough, I soon found myself voluntarily sticking the lead on him and taking him around the block. I must admit to quite enjoying the experience - although perhaps that’s only because the weather has been pretty pleasant of late.

But this is where my first lesson in puppy possession really came in - having a pup attracts an awful lot of attention. And this confuses wee Charlie.

So enthusiastic is he, about being out and about, he thinks everyone walking towards him is coming to see him, so he greets any passer-by like a long-lost friend with a tail that can wag for Scotland.

I have also been made aware that having a tiny little King Charles Cavalier puppy on the end of a little red lead isn’t exactly the butchest of dogs for a 6ft 4in bloke to be walking down the street with. But it could have been worse, Claire originally wanted a Yorkie!

So here we all are, one month into the beginning of what will hopefully be a very long and happy relationship, and already we can’t imagine the house without him.

Yes, he chews what he shouldn’t and yes he poos where he shouldn’t, but we are told that will all stop in time and Charlie will grow up to be a very important member of the family.

When that does happen, and you find yourself in our neighbourhood one damp, dark wintry night, chances are you’ll bump into someone braving the elements walking a certain Charlie the dog.

I’ll give you three guesses to figure out who that’ll be!

Cathy T
11th April 2005, 03:33 PM
I saw that article and it cracked me up. So true!

12th April 2005, 11:09 AM
Ah that's wonderful - Cavaliers working their magic again!!

How many times have you heard breeders say that the family come to collect the pup, and the husband says, "of course it's for the kids and the wife, I'm not having anything to do with it".

They revisit some months later, and said Dad is besotted with the wee furry person, does all the walking and sulks if anyone else is cuddling/playing with HIS dog!!

12th April 2005, 11:37 AM
Yep I've heard so many stories of how it is the HUSBAND who starts the talk of getting a second cavalier... :lol:

12th April 2005, 02:45 PM
Paul and I went through the should we~ shouldnt we....
I wanted a Cav...he didnt want a dog at ALL.

He finally said that for the children and I we should...and that Maxwell would be "ours" meaning the children and myself....dog becouse he wanted very little involvement.

Now every evening as he cuddles on the couch with Max he mentions that we should do something about getting me a dog! How that happen? :lol:

Its pretty much impossible for these little guys not to steal your heart...

Cathy T
12th April 2005, 03:27 PM
Yep I've heard so many stories of how it is the HUSBAND who starts the talk of getting a second cavalier... :lol:

That's how we got Shelby!! Now he's mentioned a third!! :shock:

12th April 2005, 10:52 PM
For the FIRST time my husband mentioned getting a 2nd!!! :D :D He was looking at Rory lovingly (as Rory was staring back at him in hopes for some cheese that my husband was cutting!) and commented on how beautiful he was and then looked at me and said, "Can we get another?"

:D I exclaimed, "Yes!!!"

And then of course he said, "Well... not now. When you graduate from vet school."

And I said, "Sure. When we have a house."' ;)

But good progress!!

12th April 2005, 11:40 PM
as Rory was staring back at him in hopes for some cheese that my husband was cutting!

Ah yes, the cheese look! :lol: Leo gets his daily half pill in a piece of cheese so Jaspar gets a little cube too. So I am used to the cheese look.

Actually they make me laugh and laugh, how when they want something, a toy or a treat, they'll keep staring at it then look quickly at you, then stare at it again, hoping somehow it will levitate over to them...

Tonight I had a chicken out on the counter to put in the oven once my little pizza was done, and Jaspar sat downstairs and barked at it every few minutes, until I finally could get it in the oven. :roll: Like in case I didn't know there was a big fat raw chicken on the counter, he'd like to draw my attention to it and suggest I put it on the floor... :lol:

That said the chicken is of course for the dogs and cats. icon_blshing

13th April 2005, 02:37 PM
That said the chicken is of course for the dogs and cats. icon_blshing

Well of course...somehow we knew that before you confirmed it...Mummy makes do with pizza, and the doglets get a feast icon_banana

Rupert very helpfully reminds me that there are yummy goodies on the counter...even the little scraps of lettuce that I've saved for him and forgotten to give him!

What's worse in his opinion is when I've prepared food for the birds and left it out - he carefully reminds me that's it there and can't believe it when he doesn't get any!! :shock:

Sounds like there are a few new additions on the horizon <YAY> - we are hoping too - looking for a recycled or rescue, as Rupert wouldn't cope with a baby puppy.

25th June 2005, 11:38 PM
Oh yes most definitely. When I first found out about Maxx's litter I phoned hubby all excited and said get home quickly you have to take me to see some pups, he moaned a bit about the distance we had to go but grudgingly came home from work on time for once.

Funny thing was even though he thought that the pups and the other dogs were lovely he kept saying to Maxx's 1st human Mummy, of course he'll be Donna's dog....as Maxx snuggled into his neck...

We had to wait quite a few weeks until we were privilleged enough to bring Maxx home but hubby made us visit him twice and about an hour after we got him home he said ring her back and see if she'll let us have one of the others that she's keeping LOL

In the eventuality we've only got Maxx but I know if I turned up with another 4 or 5 cavs tomorrow then hubby wouldn't care a jot. He is as much in love with Maxx as I am and of course the kids dote on him too :lol: