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11th April 2005, 11:54 PM
According to Allianz Direct, which insures pets in Ireland and the UK, cavaliers rank number three on the list for the most frequent claims made on insurance policies. Boxers are number one, and westies number two; labradors are number four.

I can't remember the remaining rankings except Irish wolfhounds were number 10, and the list also included GSDs. I'll write them all down next time I'm at the vets!

12th April 2005, 05:10 AM
Hi Karlin,

Do you know if they reported the percentages for each breed since Cavaliers are so popular in the UK and Ireland?

12th April 2005, 11:00 AM
this is very interesting, but yes it would have to take into account percentages for the figures to mean anything.

I wonder too whether they are taking into account the size of the claims - many Westies have skin problems, and allergy testing is very expensive - £1000+

From recent reading, it sounds like German Shepherds are sadly suffering many health problems these days.

I know Boxers have a lot of heart problems - and are generally injury prone!

Interesting thoughts...

12th April 2005, 11:44 AM
It was just a straight top 10 ranking for the most frequently claiming breeds so isn't based on size of claim, just number of claims.

I thought there were two interesting things about this: first is that it does give a less biased picture of the health issues of cavaliers. Often breeders particularly in the US say they are a very healthy breed etc etc which goes against what many owners experience. This gives a picture of how they ficure in countries where they are indeed very popular as opposed to the US. On the other hand the fact that they are popular would rank them higher for claims I suppose. But labs are more popular and rank just below cavaliers.

Second is that though you hear about cavaliers being a breed with lots of health problems, I don't think boxers are widely percieved as a health-troubled breed by the general public. Yet apparently they are prone to heart and cancer troubles among other things. Westies I knew of for skin and food allergies. But generally I'd not have thought of westies or boxers as having *more* issues.

I'll get the whole list next time I'm at the vets.

I thought it interesting that Allianz actually posted this but guess it is to encourage owners of those breeds to take out insurance!!

12th April 2005, 02:02 PM
watching all the owners at the Atlanta show pampering and loving their pets, I wonder if cavaliers owners take their dogs to vets for every little thing; and this would cause the high number for cavalier's ranking?

12th April 2005, 02:38 PM
:) I'm sure we all do!

However it wouldn't affect insurance rankings. You have to pay more than it costs for a vet visit before the payment kicks in, and each claim has to be considered separately (in other words, the treatment has to be in excess of €40/$50, and does not apply collectively to treatements over a year for dfferent things). So you'd already be needing some kind of additional care, sanctioned by a vet, to count as a claim made on a policy.

I've never used my policies yet as I've never exceeded the deductible.

Cathy T
12th April 2005, 03:33 PM
watching all the owners at the Atlanta show pampering and loving their pets, I wonder if cavaliers owners take their dogs to vets for every little thing; and this would cause the high number for cavalier's ranking?

I thought of that also! We have insurance for both dogs. Shelby's knee wasn't covered but Jake's cancer was. I know about the health problems with boxers. My brother just recently had his put to sleep because of old age and numerous health problems.

The first breeder I met with was very relaxed about MVD! I knew about it, this was to be my first cavalier and I had researched thoroughly, she made it sound like it was no big deal and was something that was blown out of proportion. Needless to say I ran, not walked, away from there.

23rd June 2005, 12:31 PM
Ooops I must admit that I take Maxx to the vets if he appears under the weather for more than a day. Funny thing is he likes going there.

I say to him 'want to go see Uncle James, babes?' more often than not he's by the front door whinging and grizzling before I've even picked up his lead! He pulls his way into the surgery, gets a fuss from everyone and then sits wagging his tail at every other animal in there. We do always have to sit as far away from cats as possible though as he is terrified of them. He was attacked by one when he was younger and almost lost an eye :cry:

Anyway, what I was getting at is though we do make frequent trips to see the vet most aren't covered by insurance. We have a £50 excess on the policy and most trips don't cost that much. I am glad I took out platinum cover for Maxxy now though, especially as his last lot cost a fortune and he's going for an MRI too - there was only about £3 a month difference in the cost but it gives me £4000 more worth of cover than the standard policy icon_yikes