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Cathy T
19th April 2005, 03:24 PM
I just got an e-mail from my breeder that Jake's grandaddy (my breeder owns Jake's mom and his grandad) passed away Saturday from a heart condition just days shy of 9 years old.

I think anyone who owns a cavalier knows that at some point dealing with a heart condition is a very real possibility. I am so sad to hear about Atlas. He was a beautiful guy and my breeder's first cavalier. He was tested clear at 5 years old.

Kind of makes my heart drop. Makes me scared for Jake. I will just continue to get my guys heart checked every year and hope for the best.

20th April 2005, 09:48 AM
Oh Cathy I'm so sorry about Jake's Granddaddy - sending thoughts and prayers for his breeder, and love and strength.

Sending you and Jake a big hug - and one for Shelby too.

Sadly MVD is still the cause of death of 40% of Cavaliers, so something many of us will have to face at some point. Annual testing is very sensible, the best things we can do are to keep our Cavaliers slim {Not always easy with those "Feed me" eyes ;) } and to keep them exercised so they are as fit as possible.

Once they are diagnosed, then these things become even more important - also to avoid taking them out in the heat, and to avoid stress as much as possible.

Many Cavaliers do still live to a good age even with higher grades of murmur, and the medication available is very good.

Cathy T
20th April 2005, 03:38 PM
Nicki - my pups will be tested annually. I know of so many people who own cavaliers who have heart issues. I knew going into this that it would be something I would eventually have to deal with. The encouraging part is how many are being managed and thriving. I do think that after our scare with cancer with Jake that I feel so fortunate that at 2 1/2 he's still with me. I am pretty obsessed about checking him over (Shelby as well). Had I not been as vigilant as I was I don't think I would have caught his cancer as quickly as I did and ended up with such wonderful results.