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Andrea&Diva┬┤s mom
19th June 2005, 02:46 PM
with other animals, pets ?? like cats, bunnys, parots, birds
Andrea just want to run after them :oops: but if the animal don't run she is very good to it like one of my friends bunny the bunny and Andrea are really good friends :)

Cathy T
20th June 2005, 12:54 AM
My cat hated Jake. She scratched him once in the eye and did damage to his cornea. She had passed on by the time we got Shelby. These two are great with other dogs. Jake especially like big dogs. My groomer has a couple of cats and the dogs don't seem to be terribly interested in them. I think they pick up the "don't mess with me" vibe the cats put out.

20th June 2005, 02:52 PM
Abbey has two cat brothers, she plays with Jackson (5 yrs) but she ignores Niko, he's 11 and kinda crabby!
At the park, she seeks out smaller dogs, but isn't necessarily afraid of larger ones, she just doesn't interact with them as much as the smaller ones.

21st June 2005, 09:45 PM
My two live with four (until recently, five) cats and occasional foster kittens (had one the last two weeks!). They are fine with the cats; the girl cats don't care much for the dogs but mix with them, while the two boy cats like them; Quincy in particular LOVES the dogs and is happiest in the middle of them. He likes to sleep with them and plays with Jaspar all the time. However my two gladly chase cats they don't know until they understand the cat is part of this house!

Mine also really like other dogs, especially ones their own size and most especially other cavaliers. They are very calm around horses and herds of deer (they don't chase them). I've never been able to try them around other animals really; though they got chased by the resident goose up at ASH Animal Rescue in Wicklow! :lol: http://www.ashanimalrescue.com/

22nd June 2005, 08:21 AM
I've never been able to try them around other animals really; though they got chased by the resident goose up at ASH Animal Rescue in Wicklow! :lol:

:lol: :lol: I can just imagine Jasper and Leo running with their ears flapping!

Actually geese and swans can be quite agressive and nasty. Rupert used to chase birds on the beach, until one Eider duck stood up, flapped her wings at him and made it very clear that she wasn't standing THAT nonsense :lol: Poor Rupert turned tail and ran back to us, and he's never chased a bird since!!!

Teddy is dreadful at chasing birds, they were allowed to do that, so we are trying to retrain him. He's not caught anything, and I'm not sure that he will.

Peaches chases everything but we've managed to retrain her a bit to leave the birds alone.

Rupert will only chase bunnies etc if one of the others is with him, on his own he just stops and watches them :D {there are a lot of wild rabbits here who often run out in front of us whilst out walking} I used to take him to the pet shop as a pup, they had a huge bunny who used to hop around the shop, and Rupert was friends with him!

Fillipa, Rupert and Peaches did once catch a bunny, but let it go when it squealed! It ran and they caught it a 2nd time, and let it go again!! They have never killed anything - I think some Cavaliers do kill fledgling birds and small mammals - but they will eat anything dead they find icon_yikes :oops:

We don't really have much contact with cats, but I think they would chase if the cat ran.

I think if you introduce carefully, and especially one dog at a time, you are usually ok, but allow the other animal to have an escape route, and supervise until you're 100% sure.

We are hoping to have hens later in the year, but they are more than capable of standing their ground even against terriers. I will introduce them carefully, and they will only be allowed out when we're there.

Just remembered, one time when we only had Rupert and Fillipa, we heard Rupert in the garden barking his "come and see" bark. We went out, and he was standing next to a stunned Robin which had flown into a window. Neither of them touched it, just let us know it was there. {We took the Robin indoors, kept it overnight in a dark box, and it recovered by the morning} I was very proud of them, if they hadn't let us know,, one of the local cats would probably have had the RObin.

22nd June 2005, 05:26 PM
I have recently discovered on holiday that Milly likes to chase birds and ducks too. She stalks them but so far has not managed to catch any, not that I want her to. I remember reading somewhere that in Germany they use Cavaliers like folks over here use Labradors and gun dogs to fetch game.

I will work on discouraging her from this she is only 16 months old just hope it works, :oops:

Best wishes Anita and the girls

25th June 2005, 06:15 PM
Maxx loves ducks & squirrels he absolutely adores bunny rabbits (we used to have one and he used to get in Fred's hutch) and he loves being around other dogs too - in fact the bigger the better but he runs from the terrier who lives down the road.

He is petrified of cats but understandably so as he almost lost his eye to one when he was quite young. He stepped outside the French windows into our garden and sat down. Suddenly we heard this wail and saw the neighbourhood thug cat lunging at him. It took both me and hubby to get this flaming cat off him and I ended up in the vets with a very distressed baby at 8.15am :cry: Poor love had treatment to his eye for months afterwards too. He now has a huge blob on his eyeball.

He's not keen on horses either. He'll bark at them if he sees them on HIS tv but if we see one when we are out he hides behind our legs LOL

Not so long ago he was in and out the garden and nuzzling me and crying as if he was trying to tell me to look at something. Eventually I found a dead wood pigeon behind the trees and my dopey baby was standing over it crying and budging it as if he was trying to wake it up :? Normally he'd chase the pigeons LOL

25th June 2005, 10:11 PM
Quinlan LOVES chasing birds. He thinks it is great fun. He hardly ever chases squirrels though, only once up the apartment stairs and I think that was only because it was on HIS property. I took him to the beach once and he had great fun with the seagulls. He would run full speed into the water chasing them, but then when I would walk in the water and try to get him to walk towards it he would just look at me like I was crazy. He actually had the oppurtunity to catch a bird a few weeks ago. I had him at my parent's house and a mother bird (don't know much about birds, but it was a bird that walks mostly, like a roadrunner) has all her little babies out walking around. I was loading my stuff in the car and quinlan started running around chasing a couple of poor baby birds. He finally settled on chasing just one who has given up on running away before I could get him. When I went to pick him up he was just sitting there sniffing it and the poor baby (who didn't even have it's real wings yet, just puffs of feathers) was letting out the most pathetic chirps. But at least I know he has no interest in killing them now!

25th June 2005, 10:25 PM
Tbh I've never known a killer Cavalier they usually think that anything that moves is something to play with LOL

Anita's right about them being used in Germany as gun dogs but it is because they are good at retrieving things and are quiet (well usually)!!!!

Cathy T
26th June 2005, 03:58 AM
He is petrified of cats but understandably so as he almost lost his eye to one when he was quite young.

He's not keen on horses either. He'll bark at them if he sees them on HIS tv but if we see one when we are out he hides behind our legs LOL

Yep, a run in with a cat will pretty much cure them of their curiousity!! Jake had to have treatment for several weeks after his run in with our KT. My breeder has horses and you should see Jake run up to the fence barking and then running backwards, away from them, with his tail tucked the minute they look at him :lol: He's basically a big chicken!

28th June 2005, 09:15 AM
Well at least he tries to be brave LOL. Maxx first met a horse when he escaped from the house we then lived in and ran straight across to the farm opposite. First thing he met was a horse who just looked disdainfully at him and then neighed. He almost died of shock icon_yikes hahahaha

Nowadays he'll bark at them on tv or from the saftey of his house if one goes past but if he sees one when we're out he runs behind our legs :)

He didn't actually do anything to the cat that attacked him, he'd literally just stepped outside onto the patio and sat down yawning. The cat seemed to launch itself from nowhere and according to the vet it was the third such attack by the same cat that he'd treated. He said one more and he would apply to the RCVS to take it in and remove its claws as it was dangerous and he was scared it would attack a child. It was my neighbours cat and when i told them what it had done, they laughed! Strange, but we didn't find it very amusing to see our baby in such pain :cry:

Prior to this Maxx would very often be curled up on our lawn with the old cats from next door or playing with the one from over the back. I don't think they ever understood why he kept running away as soon as he saw them :cry:

28th June 2005, 04:03 PM
Rory loves horses! Mostly because of the yummy green goodies they produce. :roll: We couldn't keep him away from the piles when we visited my aunt and uncle's ranch in AZ for Christmas! But definitely no fear there.

He's great w/ my cats. Tries to play with them like he would another dog. One of them obliges, the others give him a nasty look and jump up high where he can't get to them.

I don't think I've ever had him around other animals. He seems very interested in birds, but always on leash, so I don't know what he'd do if he actually could chase one.

29th June 2005, 12:16 AM
Lena tries her best to play with our 13 yr. old kitty. Kitty will have nothing to do with her. She now tolerates Lena in the same room but that's about it.
Lena has a very strong hunt drive. She runs and barks at all birds, rabbits and squirrels in the yard. She once caught a mouse. I bopped her on the butt and she was so surprised she let it go. I think she would have eaten it. icon_yuk

1st July 2005, 10:56 AM
LOL @ Lena. It's the look of indignity and surprise that they give you if you dare to chastise them isn't it?

I always remember Maxx eating our (now departed) bunny's food and tapping his rump to distract him - the look he gave me said it all. Now we get the look when he manages to raid the bin and takes wrappers into the garden - I'm sure he thinks we can't hear the rustling and when he gets told 'drop it' he huffs and puffs like a stroppy toddler haha