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22nd June 2005, 03:21 PM

I'm new here - Nicki sent me :lol: I have got one darling baby boy called Maxxy, a rather podgy tri-colour who has been found to have two secret feeders (now both in 'the doghouse'). He is losing weight but like most of us humans it's a very slow process :cry:

Maxx also has suspected Syringomyelia and is awaiting his MRI scan.

We did for a short time have another Cav. A little Tri whom we re-named Holly. Poor little love didn't know her other name when she came to us. She was in a real mess too, both physically and emotionally.

First thing I did when I got her home was hand fed her some chicken - she almost took my hand with it she was so hungry, then bathed and tidied up her coat and off to see Uncle James, the vet. He was so upset at her condition that he only charged us half price, bless his heart (he has got 3 rescue cavs of his own).

Maxx was so pleased to have a playmate and used to take her his babies and things to try and get her to play.

Anyway, gradually this darling little angel came out of her shell and for quite some time fitted in well with us all, she was the escapologist of all time though and would manage to squeeze through holes that we couldn't even see :shock: - my poor hubby was out in the garden in a torrential storm 'Holly proofing' it! ! ! !

THEN for some reason unbeknown to us, but probably to do with a flashback from her dismal past (we and the vet think she probably came from a puppy farm & that CKCS rescue was lied to) she started to atack Maxx. This wasn't a normal playfight or just a spat this was much, much more frightening. It got so bad that I daren't take my eyes off them.

We liaised with the Rescue co-ordinator (who was lovely and really helpful but had never experienced anything like it before), the vet and all sorts of animal therapists, psychologists etc. In the end they told us that if we kept both dogs then Maxx was going to end up getting killed. Nobody had ever come across this trait in a Cav before :(

My Mum used to keep poodles when I was younger and even when two or more of them had a spat it was never like the way Holly was with Maxx.

As you can imagine, we were all heartbroken but the situation had become so bad that we were keeping them in separate rooms but even then Holly escaped a few times and immediately headed to wherever Maxx was, to snarl at, and attack him. He's so soppy he would never fight back. He ended up in the vets so many times and he's a poorly boy himself it really wasn't fair to him. She wouldn't even let him eat his food. She'd wolf hers down in 20 seconds (probably because she was not used to being fed properly before). I was however, determined to persevere.

In the end the Rescue co-ordinator heard one of the attacks whilst I was on the phone chatting to her and she said that there was no way we could live with it indefinitely & it sounded like Holly needed to be in a home where she was the only baby.

A week later she went off to her 'new forever home' where I hear she is being spoiled rotten by her new Mummy. I bet she's in her element as apparently it is just her and her Mummy!

As you can imagine, I broke my heart over losing her & felt as though I had failed her in some way but as the Rescue lady informed me, she went back a completely different dog to the one she came to us in, she was happy, confident (if a bit overly so) had a bit of meat on her(!), and had learned how to play and sit and even come when called.

I still cry when I think about her even now & no, the experience hasn't put me off I would still open my doors & my arms to another CKCS rescue without a backward glance.

Maxx was very nervous of other dogs for a while but has now made some new Cav friends and loves it when they come to play- I think he's ready for a new permanent playmate too. So if anyone here has a spare Cav or six......

Donna & Maxxy :)

22nd June 2005, 05:08 PM
Welcome Donna and Maxxy too, sorry to hear that Maxxy has suspected SM :cry:

Do not blame yourself too much about Holly, some Cavaliers who have been raised in puppy farms have not been socialised and not have the Cavalier traits in respect of emotional and physical needs. It may well be that she is better as a singleton with one owner. So pleased to hear she has settled well in her new home. Sometimes we have to do the tough love (not easy with these lovely animals) You did the right thing by Holly and now she is thriving happy and settled in her new home.

I rescued two lovely tri-girls Ellie and Gemma some years after owning two Cavaliers previously. If you go to my website you will find details on there, take a hanky or two. I have been known to make folks cry, not my intention but mainly to make folks aware of the ownership situation in rescue. Ellie went to Rainbow Bridge in February this year with severe MVD. Gemma was her daughter. Both mill dogs via Cavalier Rescue.

I love this breed from the bottom of my heart and they are the only breed for me despite the health problems. Its not updated yet but is in the process of being. As last August I was given a lovely opportunity to get a lovely Tri pup. Milly who we nearly lost with pryometra three weeks after we had got her. Bless her and the god given talents of the vets she survived and boy oh boy do we know we have her now!


Best wishes Anita

22nd June 2005, 07:54 PM
Welcome Donna; I'm glad Nicki sent you over to us! icon_welcome

a rather podgy tri-colour who has been found to have two secret feeders (now both in 'the doghouse')

:lol: Hmmm, they are good at finding secret feeders, aren't they...

Sorry to hear that Holly had to find a new forever home; it takes really courage to accept that sometimes rehoming one dog is needed for the quality of life of another in the household. I know a few people who have gone through this so your experience, while odd in a cavalier, does sometimes happen to people I know who have had rescue dogs. Sometimes issues just begin to develop. It's so hard to know what happened to them before, what creates anxiety, what influences their behaviour. You gave her a great start on a new life. It is sad though when you hope the new home will be with you. Some really, really do need to be the only dog though and you did right by Maxx. I bet you'll find another before long to keep him company.

I agree totally with what you say about the breed. I have a confirmed SM dog (via Mr Skerrit; Clare Rusbridge has also viewed the MRI and offered her perspective). Even with the health issues it is the breed for me. I am lucky that Leo is still almost completely asymptomatic -- just very occasional scratching -- but I sure wouldn't give him up. Sometimes I think the ones that might need the extra help find their way to people who will give that to them. :)

22nd June 2005, 08:46 PM
Thank you both for your lovely welcomes :)

I did and still do find it hard about Holly even though I know that what we did was best for her - doesn't make it any easier though. Mind you, when she came to us she had nothing but a bowl (that she backed away from) and a filthy collar and lead.

When she left us she went with a very posh red collar and lead (the most expensive in the pet shop as my son picked it and insisted :D ) two nice new bowls a new bed and a huge bag full of toys, balls and chewy sticks - I think she knew how much we loved her and I really hope she's so happy with her new Mummy (apparently she's an older, single lady who is very experienced with Cavs).

Anita, I have been to your web site and yes, you made me cry too :cry: . How anyone could even think about puppy farming these darling little bundles of fur or mistreating them is beyond me. I know a couple of people near here who have bought pups from these morons because they were 'cheaper' - not a thought about the welfare of the animals left behind there or about the way they are treated :x - sorry, I'd better stop before I go off on one!

Pyometria is a terrible illness, we almost lost a GSD to it some years back & I'm so glad that your little Milly is recovering.

Whilst Maxx has suspected SM I haven't yet told the lady we bought him from (I will if it gets confirmed) I know she will be devastated. The last time I spoke to her she had 17 Cavs! They all live in the house and are treated as royalty.

She doesn't breed for money but only has a litter very occasionally when she feels the need for more babies! In fact we were really lucky to get Maxx. She kept two of the litter and was going to keep Maxxy as well until I rang her and asked about a puppy or even an older dog (she never ever lets her older dogs go - they are all loved dearly) she knew of me through her friend who had re - homed a Cav to my friend and I used to babysit the said Cav! LOL She also has all of her babies hip and eye scored and checked for MVD, luxating patella's etc etc etc. Maxx's Mummy and Daddy were both over five as well. Why aren't more 'breeders' like her? :roll:

Right, I'm waffling so I'll get off and post on some of the other threads :)

Donna :) And licks from Maxxy XX

Cathy T
23rd June 2005, 01:22 AM
Welcome Donna. So sorry to hear about Molly. Definitely unusual behavior in a cavalier. But then again, coming from where she did the poor thing probably didn't stand much of a chance. Better she is in a home where she is the only one and can let down her guard.

25th June 2005, 06:02 PM
Sorry Donna I'd missed this :(

I'm really pleased you've joined and are enjoying the forum - so it's my fault that nothing is getting done at home and you're spending all your time on here!! :lol: :lol:

As everyone else has said, you did the right thing by Holly - although that was extremely hard for you. She left you a much happier and healthier dog than she arrived, and you laid the foundations for a good life with her new Mom. Sometimes dogs do better as an only one - and with her history, it's hard to know what had happened in the past. Although they seem to bounce back, they always carry the memories and scars with them. I think it does take 6 months for their true character to come out.

I hope that Maxx will soon have a companion - Cavaliers do seem to thrive on company - but I do believe that when the time is right, the right dog will come along.

Anita's website always makes me cry too - but some of it is admiration for her and Brian's bravery and perseverance in the face of extreme difficulties. Any little doglet who gets to live with them is a very lucky doglet icon_heartthrob :D

Milly was extremely lucky, and if she had not gone to live with Anita, she might not be here today :(

I can't believe it's almost a year already ... wow that's gone quick. Hope you are having a celebratory party? icon_banana

27th June 2005, 02:44 PM
Welcome Donna and Maxxy,
I am so sorry to hear about Maxxy's suspected SM. It is such a scary condition. It sure sounds like you did the right thing for Holly. I think some doggie's do better when they are in single dog families. My breeder said that about Lena and she was probably right. Although Lena loves other dog's company she is so submissive when they are here that she kind of gets lost in the shuffle. It sounds like Maxxy tried his best to make her part of the family, though. Bless his heart!

27th June 2005, 07:25 PM
Welcome! Maxx is very handsome!