View Full Version : Two 4 yr old F cavaliers in Wales

2nd July 2005, 04:15 PM
Two ex-breeding bitches from Welsh puppy farms are at Many Tears Rescue: http://www.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/howtoadoptandrescueme.htm

3rd July 2005, 02:17 PM
These two girls are now being home vetted so lets hope its a happy outcome for them. I dispare of human beings doing this to any dog let alone our beloved breed who love and give so much. I do hope they get forever homes soon.

Cathy T
3rd July 2005, 09:30 PM
They are so pretty I can't imagine them not finding a forever home. Are they being homed together?

Camilla Berntsson
26th August 2005, 07:22 PM
I bless him above that I'm not living in the U.S or UK/Ireland!
(Don´t missunderstand me, the countries are great, and as I love the Irish dialect I have always said that IF I was ever to get married it would be to a Irish man.)

But if I had seen all the poor cavaliers/dogs who need a new home, I would most certinly fill the whole house with them! Regardless what sex thay had, or if they where neutered or not.
we have probably some of the problems here in Sweden too, but I don´t believe in cavaliers as there are always people looking för an adult cavalier as a pet.

Oh, If I only had money I would ship all the cavaliers who need rehoming , here to me!

27th August 2005, 12:39 AM
They don't come up too often for rehoming, but some that do come in are dogs like these, ex-puppy farm dogs. Those are the ones that really break your heart. They do all tend to find new homes pretty quickly; that's the good news! :)

27th August 2005, 11:04 AM
Yes, Karlin is right. The Rescue Cavs are always re-homed almost immediately.

I have tried for three recently and each time the dogs had found new homes almost immediately that they were put on the websites :D