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23rd July 2005, 11:47 PM
I finally got my little puppy! he isn't a cavalier however but he's a cutey :D

I was wondering if someone could please tell me about all the vaccinations a puppy should get.......

24th July 2005, 12:37 AM
Congrats on the puppy!

There's a standard puppy vax done by vets in Ireland. Any vet will do these. Once the pup is about 8 weeks it can go for the first round, and then about 2-3 weeks later a second round is done. Both rounds are necessary as it is never sure that the first set has taken hold. You do not need rabies in Ireland. I think the pup vax is a three-in-one. You should not walk your dog or introduce it to any unvaccinated dogs til it has completed these vaccinations and then you wait til I think 10 days after the last vax. The pup can die if exposed to common diseases like parvo during this time so very important to keep it off the streets/grass where diseases like parvo can live for months. Parvo is quite deadly to puppies.

One year after this set, the dog will need a booster. After that, most vets still will push for annual vax and in general you will need to do this if you wish to leave your dog in kennels. But new protocols are emerging and most US vet schools now say once every three years is fine, and there's strong evidence thhat a dog is covered for life from the one-year booster and that repeated annual vaccinations actually start to compromise the immune system. There's a lot out on the web on this debate -- I might have some stuff in the caring for your cavalier section.

Personally I intend to vax mine once every three years and if I can find a vet to do titers (tests for antibodies in the bloodstream) I may do less than that.

24th July 2005, 11:33 PM
What did you get then Evan? Can you post a pic or three? ;)

7th August 2005, 08:35 PM
sorry for the late reply ;) i got a cross breed : a westie/terrier :D

his name is louie and he is golden with dark brown ears/paws :lol:

he isn't very independant as yet, but i'm sure he'll adjust :)

at the moment i'm teaching him to do his "business" outside or on paper. We've had a few mishpas but he's catching on really quickly. He's quite clever and he replies to his name being called which is quite amazing seeing as he's almost 9 weeks old.