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28th July 2005, 11:03 PM
MRIs for syringomyelia

The Pets Dx Veterinary Imaging clinic in Garfield Heights, Ohio (Cleveland area) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers partial MRIs at reduced group rates for cavaliers (about a fourth the average cost for an MRI in the US). These MRIs are of the head and neck area, not the full spine; however in most cases, the head and neck MRI is very adequate for diagnosis. A full MRI would then be needed if surgery is being considered for the dog.

Owners get a CD with their dogs' MRI images. For an added fee the MRIs will be reviewed by Dr. Patrick Gavin, Prof. of Radiology at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. UK SM researcher/vet neurologist Clare Rusbridge will provide a free evaluation if the dog's DNA or blood sample also is provided for research -- this does not need to be sent to the UK but can go to Canadian associates on this research project.

For more information, contact Pets Dx Veterinary Imaging, Inc., 15423 Neo Parkway, Garfield Heights, OH 44128. Phone: (216) 581-7200, or at 1050 Saxonburg Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15116. Website: http://www.petsdx.com