View Full Version : I miss Nicky

2nd August 2005, 11:15 PM
Anyone heard from her???? I will try and ring her tomorrow and see that she's OK and hasn't got lost under the building work!

Any messages?

2nd August 2005, 11:49 PM
She might be away at the moment -- I don't think she has been posting over on the Chiari list lately either. Yes it is quiet when Nicki isn;t around!! :)

4th August 2005, 07:17 PM
I think she is having major renovations done on her cottage and expects to be back in before xmas.

4th August 2005, 09:08 PM
OOOh then we can all go visit!! :lol: That's what she gets for posting beautiful pics of scenery in her area... Leo and Jaspar are quite ready to go rendezvous on some nice hikes with her cavaliers... icon_drivingcar

4th August 2005, 09:32 PM
Christmas at Nicki's!! Sounds wonderful! :) Can't wait! :lol:

25th September 2005, 05:45 PM
OH bless you all - I miss you all too ((((hugs))))

Hoping to fit elastic sides to the caravan and the cottage, so you can ALL come and stay for Christmas LOL :D

26th September 2005, 08:09 PM
Hi Nicki!! Glad you are back; love that cute face in your avatar! icon_heartthrob

30th September 2005, 04:44 PM
Trying to pop in Karlin - wonderful to see how busy the forum has become - a big icon_welcome to all the new people - and their darling furries of course - and hello to all my existing friends here.

It's hard to catch up, so sorry if I've missed anything important - please feel free to PM me if that is the case.

Hugs for all the doglets