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16th August 2005, 07:18 PM
I was wondering is it ok for me to bring Louie out for a walk?
He's had his Parvo vacc and his next one is due on Friday of this week (i don't know which vacc it is)

But can i bring him out for a walk just to the green in front of my house or my road, or should i wait until after his 3rd which is in early september?

16th August 2005, 07:59 PM
Call your vet and get the exact point -- you need to wait til about 7-10 days AFTER the final vax.

Don't take him out -- parvo and other deadly things your dog is being vaccinated against stay alive on the ground, on dirt or pavement or grass, for up to a YEAR and a young pup can very easily die from contact. The cost of treating parvo can run into the high hundreds or more so aside from the risk of serious illness or death, this would be a very expensive illness to treat as the dog needs constant care and to be on a drip, etc. It is a terrible illness and few puppies survive it.

Though it is frustrating, the reason you have to wait so long is that it is impossible to tell when the pup's immune system will kick in. The vax's are given in a series because the mother's milk antibodies last a certain amount of time; then they wear off. If you vax while those antibodies are still in the bloodstream the vax will not hold. So the vax is given a couple weeks apart to make sure that the pup is protected.

You can carry him out to visit as long as his feet do not touch the ground. Or take him to someone's house *inside*. But don't let him touch the ground outside.

Parvo: www.ambertech.com/whatisp.html
General puppy vax info: http://www.goldenvalley.co.uk/puppyvac.htm

16th August 2005, 10:25 PM
great thanks for that Karlin. I assume it's okay for him to be in my back garden? lol :lol: i have carried him out on the driveway before in my arms but he didn't touch the ground.

10 days after his last vax will be mid-september so i'm looking forward to it!

17th August 2005, 11:28 AM
It's fine for him to be in your back garden Evan :D I for one would NEVER take an unvaccinated dog out for a walk.

I say this because a few years ago I almost lost my Maxxy :( We used to walk down this disused railway track and into the park and fields, a really lovely walk, or so it seemed.

Maxx suddenly became really ill and ended up at the Vets on a drip etc. After what seemed like hundreds of blood tests, the Vet found that he had picked up some horrible infection which was just like parvo. Probably from an unvaccinated dog on that walk. At the same time, the Vet had six other dogs in all being treated for the same symptoms - all of these dogs were walked in the same place :( In the end he got someone (I assume from the council) to go out and spray the whole area with very powerful disinfectant & it was also closed off for about a week whilst they did it.

The Vet told us that if Maxx hadn't been up to date with his vacs or had been a puppy then he probably wouldn't have survived :shock:

17th August 2005, 03:39 PM
wow! thanks for this, i brought Louie into my front garden (there's grass there aswell) and had him in my arms . he got down to pee but that's all. Plus there hasn't been ANY dogs in my front garden but if i do bring him out in future it will be in my arms, which he seemed pretty happy with ;)

17th August 2005, 10:44 PM
The wait does drive you crazy, but believe me, you'll reach a point some rainy day when you'll wonder why you EVER were anxious to be able to go out on walks! :lol:

I never thought it was all that important to wait for the vax series to be done but have learned from the rescue people I work with how bad something like parvo can be. A lot of the puppies brought to the pound get it; it is very hard to get rid of and puppies are very susceptible.

Donna that's pretty scary, I wonder what the bug was? It's good you had a vet that could push to haver something done. I don;t think they'd do much about such a thing over here. :?

18th August 2005, 11:12 AM
It was probably one of my scariest moments with Maxx, Karlin :cry: I just thank my lucky stars that he is a 'big boy' or he wouldn't have had the strength to fight it. You feel so helpless too, knowing life has to go on whilst your baby is at the Vets hooked up to drips etc.

For about six days all he did was vomit bloody, watery 'bile' and also had bloody diarrhoaea. I am so glad we had an excellent, caring (if expensive) Vet.

18th August 2005, 11:27 AM
Louie's been 2 weeks with us today, making him a whopping 10 weeks old ;) :lol:

He STILL cries at night and now and then does his wee-wee on the floor!!

Should he still be crying after 2 weeks? I'm starting to get a bit worried because he always cries if he's on his own for like 10 mins. :cry: