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29th August 2005, 07:10 PM
The Swedish cavalier club has, to my knowledge, the most health-focused requirements for breeding cavaliers of any national club, with recent clear heart certificates a necessity for dogs to be bred and puppies fully registered with the club.

In Sweden, eye and knee (patella) examinations are done once after the age of one and must be done on breeding stock. Hearts (checking for murmurs) must be done within 8 months prior to a mating on all dogs used for breeding.

Here is their breeding protocol (which used to come in English at the bottom of this page -- http://www.cavaliersallskapet.net/sckcs/avelsrekom.asp#eng -- but seems to have been removed):


A dog or bitch must be at least 24 months of age before being used for breeding

A dog or bitch must have a clear Heart certificate. The certificate must have been issued within 8 months prior to the date of mating. The minimum age at which an official Heart certificate can be issued is 24 months. All heart testing of younger stock shall be regarded as unofficial and the results registered as preliminary.

A dog or bitch must not be used for breeding where its Sire or Dam has developed a murmur before the age of 4 years Where one or both parents do not have a clear Heart certificate at a minimum age of 4 years, the progeny must be at least 4 years of age and have a clear Heart certificate before being used for breeding.

An application for exemption can be made to the SCK where the Sire or Dam of a bitch does not hold a clear Heart certificate at the age of 4 years. The progeny of a bitch granted such exemption, are prohibited from breeding until the bitch is at least 4 years of age and has a clear Heart certificate.

All progeny of a dog or bitch that has developed a murmur before the age of 4 years are prohibited from breeding. Where a dog or bitch receives a clear Heart certificate after being diagnosed with a murmur, the progeny may then be used for breeding. The change of diagnosis, procedure must comply with SCK rules.

Litters bred contrary to SCKCS/SKC rules, will be registered by the SKC but are prohibited from breeding.

Continuous evaluation and monitoring will be carried out by the SKC and SCKCS. All Heart certificates must be issued by a registered Cardiologist in accordance with a procedure approved by the SKC.

Before being used for breeding, a dog or bitch must also have a clear Eye-certificate and a clear Patella-certificate. These certificates are recommended by the SCKCS. SCKCS also recommends that all stock used for breeding, continue to be heart tested annually until the age of 7 years, even if they no longer are bred from.