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30th August 2005, 01:06 PM
Has anyone had issues with Advantix? If so what product do you use?
I originally thought Reggie had many symtoms of SM other then pain...just many of the jumping...scratching..issues.

Well ..I was late with the flea control..the kind you squirt in between their shoulders..and all the symptoms disapeared..

Then within 5 minutes of putting it on he was misreable again. :cry:
Where I am still very aware of SM and watch for any increased symptoms ..I believe this is the flea control.

I thought about using it 1/2 strength or switching to Frontline.


30th August 2005, 01:34 PM
I haven't found I regularly need flea or tick control at all, not for cats (who are indoor cats) or the dogs (in and out). A couple times a year they get it, if I've had fosters around (they are due at the moment as I've had a bunch of kittens and one cat foster through). You could try some of the natural remedies. Some swear by small portions of garlic for example mixed in their food. I am sure some others may have some ideas!

30th August 2005, 10:31 PM

I personally don't like Advantix and thought that Maxx 'wasn't right' after I'd used it. Couldn't put my finger on what it was but he was off his food and just generally not himself. He is absolutely fine with Frontline.

I've used Frontline since he was tiny and with no problems. He's never had fleas and I only really use it because living in the countryside we get a lot of hedgehogs in the garden & the little darlings bring ticks with them :|

30th August 2005, 11:04 PM
Funny you say that as a friend was just telling me Frontline tends to have few side effects.

Well Kim after you posted this thread I had a look at my guys and realised they did have flea dirt so they were indeed all ready to be treated!! I've had 6 kittens and three adult cats through here, kittens and one of the cats all initially semi-ferals so they tend to come in with fleas. I treat them of course but still... so the scratching around this house has suddenly decreased! Glad you posted, it reminded me I should check their coats (sure is nice to have the particolours when searching for flea dirt as white hair makes it pretty easy to find if it is there).

30th August 2005, 11:17 PM
I have not used any kind of flea or tick control because my vet said "If they dont have fleas or ticks, they dont need to be treated" We are going out of town this weekend to my uncle's houst out in the country where we will be outside alot. I'm wondering if I should have Sadie treated before we leave?

Cathy T
31st August 2005, 01:55 AM
My two cents worth...every month on the 1st of the month my guys get Frontline Plus and on the 5th of the month they get their heartworm meds. Jake had really bad itchy problems when he was little and got little pustules all over his belly. My vet decided he had a flea allergy and explained that one bite was enough to set him off. I apply flea meds religiously and we've never had another problem.

31st August 2005, 11:30 AM
Sadie's mom, I guess it woukld depend on whether you need to worry about ticks or not. I'd otherwise just keep an eye on her fur for the next while after you get back to see if she picked up anything.

We're lucky here in that we don;t have heartworm (or rabies) so don;t have to treat for either.

31st August 2005, 12:35 PM
Thank you for the info!!!
I will pick up frontline this weekend. I too live in the country ..the sand dunes of Lake Michigan and Sandfleas and ticks are a big concern..We also visit the horse farm every week playing with my friends english sheep dog.
So Reggie is exposed to fleas and ticks all the time.

I give the Heartworm and Flea & Tick control each month for this reason.
It would be nice to have a herbal supplement ..but I would worry about it's effectivness.

Maxx's Mom-- Glad to hear that I am not the only one that made the connection. I was already giving the heartworm on one day and the flea and tick control on the next. I felt it was too much for his system to do it all at once. Reggie has had a ..weak easily upset tummy since I got him.

Camilla Berntsson
31st August 2005, 05:25 PM
Oh, I recognized it emediately!

I use Frontline on my dogs fot flea & tick control, but as they always comes in a three-pack here in sweden, and I have 4 dogs, I bought another kind called Expot. Expot is stronger than Frontline, when I read on the package it stood that dogs who had Expot put on them couldn´t swim in the lakes because it caused the fish to die.

Before I read this, I put it on the dogs. The girls I had then coped well with it, but Elton didn't! He had pain in his neck, he scratched, limped, the neck felt warm, and he was thrembling. Yelling with pain as soon as he tried to relieve himself outside. I instantly bathed him for a long time.

In Sweden you can also get the vet to write a precription for a Flea-collar, but it contains the same stuff as the Expot, so I can never use it on Elton,
and I have heard of several more cavaliers in Sweden who can't be treated with Expot/scalibor.

Bruce H
31st August 2005, 06:26 PM
You know, this isn't the first time I heard of an adverse reaction to Advantix, although the reactions I heard about were not severe. We use Frontline Plus on all our dogs and have never had a problem and have never seen a flea or tick.

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