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Andrea&Diva┬┤s mom
31st August 2005, 10:38 PM
What tricks can your dog do ??

I don't know about Andrea but she can:

"give me five"
lay down
"give momy a kiss"
"say hello"

I don't know how to say it but she can walk on my left sight watching my eyes (in eye contact) we learned that in the puppyschool. :lol:

1st September 2005, 12:22 AM
That's a good list! Walking like that is usually called walking to 'heel'.

Jaspar will do come, sit, down, stay, leave it, close (heel), roll over, quiet and various things associated with fetch (bring it, find it, go get it). I really need to work with him on some other things like 'settle'. Also he likes to 'dance' and I keep meaning to teach it as a command! He's always walking around on his hind legs when he's excited so it woould be easy to teach.

Leo is much less enthusiastic! He will do come, sit, leave it, down and close; I haven't worked on much else with him.

4th September 2005, 07:26 AM
since Louie is so young he doesn't know many tricks. We have already mastered "come" and "sit" and "stop". He knows some things that he does but they aren't actually commands like.......grabbing shoes and bringing them to you. I must further that into fetch... :lol:

4th September 2005, 12:55 PM
Andrea is very clever Grima :D

Maxx knows...

Give paw
Say please (he waves his paw and woofs).
Leave it
Give Kisses
'Go get him Maxx' means 'jump on whichever child will not get up or out of bed and just generally 'attack' & playfight them' LOL

Bonie (runs to the kitchen and sits waiting by the door for his bonio).

Where's your belly? (he rolls over)

I say "Do you love Mummy? Say you love Mummy" - he then makes a funny singing noise :D

If we ask him 'Where's Sam' he runs to the front door, waits to get his lead on and then dashes across the road to get his friend Sam, the Border Collie.

Want to see Uncle James? He pulls his car harness from the hall table & as soon as it's on he rushes to the car as he knows he's going to see the Vet. He sings with excitement all the way there and as soon as we get to the car park he barks and wags his tail.

He also knows the sound of hubby's car and as soon as hubby pulls onto the drive Maxx is by the door wagging his tail and getting excited. He rushes back and forth to me to tell me that his Dad's home LOL

He's quite clever really bless him :D