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9th September 2005, 09:00 PM
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Just announced today:

CKCS breed will get full genome scan

UK-based researchers Clare Rusbridge and Penny Knowler and their Canadian collaborators Guy Rouleau and Berge Minassian have been successful in their submission to the Mammalian Genotyping Service at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin (USA) for a full CKCS genome scan. The research is initially into syringomyelia but hopefully will be extended to looking for candidate genes for MVD as well.

The research, undertaken by a joint veterinary and human medical group, will benefit both 'man and his best friend'. Syringomyelia in CKCS is an excellent model for research into the condition in humans, and human geneticists are interested in validating findings from the CKCS research in humans. Finding the gene and learning how it works would help the understanding of the disorder for better diagnosis, clinical management and ultimately, prevention. For biologists, these studies will provide new insights into the poorly understood process of normal development of craniocerebral structures of the central nervous system. The researchers say that many people worldwide will benefit from this research -- and are pleased that so many 'ordinary' people worldwide are contributing to make it possible.

The genome scan will identify markers which can then be used to identify the gene/s responsible for the disorder causing syringomyelia. The same team have already been successful in identifying the canine gene for Lafora's disease. The research is expected to take several years but the first stage will hopefully produce a DNA test which will enable informed breeding decisions.

The researchers say that due to the generosity of clubs, research projects and individuals, they have collected enough DNA samples to start the genome scan. Therefore they no longer require DNA from CKCS dogs with syringomyelia. However, the researchers are still anxious for DNA from dogs of breeds other than cavaliers that have syringomyelia.

The researchers acknowledge that the entire project could not have been undertaken without the support of the UK DNA Archive for Companion Animals -- http://www.liv.ac.uk/animalDNAarchive -- which provided DNA extraction and storage from samples taken in the UK.

9th September 2005, 09:08 PM

10th September 2005, 08:39 PM
This has to be just the best news!!!!!!
Not only helping our Cavaliers, but of benefit to humans too.

10th September 2005, 08:59 PM
It is really good news for human SM sufferers. Very little is known about the condition in people and far more cavaliers than humans have it.