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18th September 2005, 10:46 PM
From the Orlando newspaper (http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/southwest/orl-swkellycolumn1805sep18,0,4323479.column?coll=orl-news-headlines-swest):


A warm tale of dogs, affection, timely rescue
Kelly Griffith

September 18, 2005

Enough with the gloomy news reports!

Let's take a break from all that for a nice tale, a love story if you will. A narrative weaving heartache and hope, swirling snuggles with kisses. I think we all need something like that right about now.

So, here it goes:

Once upon a time in a teeny-tiny cage far, far away there lived a little doggie named Carly the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a member of an adorable breed known for unadulterated affections. By age 3, Carly had already had several litters of pups, the only real love she ever knew, but a duty that left her worn out.

One day, though, the puppy farm owner scooped Carly from the cage and passed her into the firm hands of a man who held her close. She felt his arms cradle her tightly against his chest and his palms stroke her head.

Her skin tingled with a new sensation as she pressed her wet nose against the man's hand, getting acquainted with her new friend.

Sam Killebrew of Winter Haven, president of a construction and engineering firm, high-tailed it out of there with Carly tucked safely away. She knew this day was special and she sensed Killebrew must be a big part of it.

Carly also met Chris Swim, a Lake County woman who smothered her in kisses and hugs and endless affection.

Wow, Carly thought, we're not in the tiny cage anymore! Swim, president of the Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue group, became Carly's biggest hero.

Carly even heard that hundreds of other Cavaliers found great new homes with the help of Swim and Killebrew. It was rumored that one of Carly's old puppy-farm friends even gets a regular massage from a doggie massage therapist at her new home!

Another friend soon came into Carly's life, a tall man with a shaved head and a heart as big as a Great Dane. Dr. Loren Nations, owner of the 24-hour Maxwell Animal Clinic in Winter Haven, checked Carly out from nose to tail, fixing anything that was broken and ridding her of any parasites that clung. Nations used fancy equipment such as digital imagery X-rays to check her out. Impressive, Carly thought.

Nations seemed to enjoy doing this so much that he even gave a price break to the rescue group that brought Carly there. Wow, Carly thought, Dr. Nations must sure love looking in a doggie's eyes!

What Carly loved most, though, was Mr. Killebrew's lap. She would sit for hours if she could, cuddling and cooing and, sometimes it seemed, smiling with her eyes. Her heart was happy to know many other Cavaliers would join her in humans' happy laps as donors sent money -- $25 here, $200 there -- to keep the rescue going.

The Internet helped, with a Web site called luckystarcavalierrescue .org.

Nothing, though, thrilled Carly quite as much as the sight of her best friend joining her at Nations' office. His name? Simon.

Simon was really nifty, what with his three-color thing going on.

Carly and Simon, two rescued Cavaliers, lived happily ever after.

The end.

Kelly Griffith can be reached at 863-422-5908 or kgriffith@orlandosentinel.com.

19th September 2005, 04:26 PM
Very sweet...brought tears to my eyes. Carly is a very lucky little girl.