View Full Version : Ragweed allergies--are Chester's symptoms normal?

22nd September 2005, 05:24 PM
Well, it's official...Chester is allergic to ragweed and other seasonal pollens just like his Mommy! The vet said to give him Benadryl and it is helping him just fine. Hide the tablet in some peanut butter and he has no clue the tablet is in there. Personally, I get allergy shots (and have been since high school) and I take Zyrtec and/or Allergra to help me.

But on to the main point of my post...what symptoms do you allergic dogs have? Chester has exibited the following:
- extra opaque gook in the eyes which is greenish/yellowish, BUT his eyeballs are normal looking and not red.
- extra shaking of the head--I guess it's due to the gook in the eyes and the general stuffiness in the sinuses
- more frequent rubbing of the face on the carpet to remove the eye gook and wipe the nose
- runny nose
- louder snoring (oi vey!)He has not actually been into the vet's office for these symptoms but I talked at length with them on the phone twice and they said the symptons are typical allergies. Chester is not acting sick or lethargic at all but I just want to find out what you guys have experienced with your allergic canines. Quite frankly, he is acting just like me when I'm having trouble...all except for the rubbing of the face on the carpet...I don't do that so much anymore and now use my sleeve or a curtain since they're not as harsh on my delicate skin. :wink:

I just wanted to post here to make sure that Chester is not having any symptons out of the ordinary. Oh, I also need to point out that we live in Richmond, VA which is one of THE worst allergy locations in the US. If you need irritating pollen, come see me. I have all that you could ever want or need. I will even ship some ragweed to you if you ask real nice...

Thanks in advance for your input!
P.S. I've also posted this on the Cavalier Connection Forum so please excuse my X-posting.