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Bruce H
26th September 2005, 12:00 AM
Just heard from my wife. Our boy Cooper just got a 3 point major in Davenport, Iowa today. That makes 3 majors and 12 points for him at 2 years old.

Points have been few and far between for him, mostly because his bite is just a little bit off; an easy thing to pick on. We've had at least 2 judges tell us they would have put him up were it not for his bite.

The points are really nice, but we really sweat blood every July when we are in Duluth, MN for the heart clinic. We are now looking into an MRI for him for the SM. That's the one that really scares me. No symptoms at all, but if you believe the 70% statistic........

MysticKnight Cavaliers

26th September 2005, 08:16 PM
icon_banana Wow, that is great news! You must be absolutely delighted. Hope he gets an extra special treat for being so good! :lol:

26th September 2005, 08:20 PM
Congrats! How fun for you!!

That's great that you're going ahead with the MRI. I hope more breeders follow your example. PM me if you'd like info on McVey at the U, he's the only nuero in MN, but I've done research on a few other programs as well.

28th September 2005, 12:22 PM
Oh wow! Well done {{{{{{{{Cooper}}}}}}}} what a clever, wonderful boy :D

I don't think I could show a dog, you are really brave for doing so :) I would hate for someone to criticise my baby (like his bite or something). I'd probably tell them to go look in the mirror and to see that my boy was more handsome than them LOL

Chatting to my Breeder a few weeks ago she was telling me that she was at a show with one of her younger boys when this woman came up to her and asked who her dog was out of as she'd never seen such a beautiful cavalier... She replied with the names of Dam and Sire (she has both, plus grandparents...) & the woman replied 'Never heard of them' and strutted off! She said it was all she could do to keep a straight face - especially when her little man walked off with best in puppy class and this woman's dog came nowhere (apparently it was a pup from one of the most well known kennels here...) hahaha

Bruce H
28th September 2005, 12:47 PM
Yes, if you are going to show, you definately have to be able to take rejection. Every dog has faults and every judge has their own opinion on which faults are the most serious.

In the AKC shows, the judges won't generally tell you what they did or didn't like about your dog. My wife makes a point of trying to talk to the judge very briefly about what he/she liked or didn't like about her dog. Sometimes helps to know what each judge likes or doesn't like in showing other dogs or showing to that judge again.

MysticKnight Cavaliers