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11th October 2005, 10:54 PM
Sad to say that we have this condition with our lovely Honey, we have no background on her as she was a puppy farm rescue. Honey is roughly 4/5 yrs old.

Have lots of ointments etc for her eyes which are really working from the vet and chemist however not alot for the very dry cracked sore feet and nose, also the dry brittle brushy curly coat which is harsh to touch, the coat is very, very thick it's like nothing that Iv'e seen on a Cavalier before.

The best thing I found so far for her feet is to soak in warm water and then to smother in Vaseline every day, also the nose.

I'm stuck as to what to use on the coat, I need something to lay it down and soften it up, any ideas?

Has anybody had experience of this condition? could you share your experiences with me?


12th October 2005, 01:23 AM
What are you feeding? if she's dry all over (coat, feet, etc) i would try changing her diet to something with more oils in it. I know some peoplee give Evening Primrose Oil or Cod Liver Oil which can help with coat.

12th October 2005, 08:08 AM
Honeys' diet is a fresh one, not a dried food one, she has lots of fish and meet and plenty of suppliments, the dryness is with the condition and is not in any way diet related.

We don't see this in our cavaliers much now as breeders have mostly eliminated it but Honey was a puppy farm rescue and if people think they bother about health well think again!!!

What saddens me is with this being genetic and with all the litters that she has had then what about all the pups that are out there just like her, affected and very uncomfortable :(

12th October 2005, 03:57 PM
Poor Honey, didn't realise she had the coat and eye syndrome. Peaches has dry eye, but like you, we manage that with drops.

Might be worth trying Quistel - shampoo, conditioner and spray - or even talking to them and seeing what they think. It's organic, and very good, although a little expensive. www.quistel.co.uk

Also, maybe a supplement with lots of EFAs in - Teddy is on something called Viacutan from the vets, but I think Quistel make one too.

I know there is some research going on into this syndrome, I think the Cavalier club web site mentions it, it might be worth contacting whoever is doing the research to see how others are managing the condition?

12th October 2005, 07:28 PM
My old boy Sammy always had a dry crusty nose, I used Aloe Vera and the difference in such a short time was remarkable. You could always try Aloe Vera Shampoo too.
Sorry to read about this Alison.
Warm wishes,

12th October 2005, 09:40 PM
I know the dry eye is a disease condition, but I don't know if the dry coat would be related... Sounds like the diet is good, so I don't know what to say! is she getting fish oils w/ her fresh food? Maybe she is deficient in something else? What kind of shampoo do you use?

12th October 2005, 10:21 PM
Have found out lots about curly coat syndrome today, it's all to do with the break down in the immune system. Havn't a clue why they call it curly coat apart from the coat being very harsh, dry brittle and thick, you should see Honeys tail, have never seen anything like it (very beautiful though!) like a bush, but it goes with the condition and is not responsive to diet or what I bath her in.

Manuka honey, bio-yogurt, Broccoli and carrots are good for this condition, they boost the immune system along with Echinacea drops in liquid form from the health shop.

I have found out that many breeders when they have affected pups choose to put to sleep asap, the condition is not nice and can be very painfull.

We are going to see Dr Barnett who is doing research into this in November, he is looking at links between the two conditions of Dry eye and Curly coat, it's a gene thing passed down the generations.

I have been given contact numbers of a few people (3) with affected dogs and have spoken with them at great lengths, any other information from owners of affected dogs would be welcome. I have learnt alot and am hopeful that she will remain stable and comfortable.

She WILL you know, she's my baby!