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13th October 2005, 04:39 PM
Cloe delicvered her pups today! she was upset all night and had me up, she was due on Sunday so a little early.

she gave birth to the first at 9am and the last at 12.29, she had SEVEN ruby pups, 4 females and 3 boys.

I am going to try to show you a picture but if you dont see one you know i couldnt do it!D:\BackUp\My Documents\My Pictures\Animals\The Dogs\Cloe\Cloe's 2nd Litter\0 The Birth\CIMG1733.JPG

13th October 2005, 04:53 PM
Congrats, Fidelma! Seven puppies!! Did all survive? I know you were worried since you had a still birth last time. Seven puppies will be a lot of work for momma and for you!!

Your picture didnt work. You have to save your photos to a place on the internet first; you can't upload them straight to the sight. Most people seem to use photobucket.com to do this. Then you can just post the link of the photo to the message board.

I hope you figure out the photos soon! I'd love to see the newborns.

13th October 2005, 04:57 PM
Congrats!! How are mother and babies doing??

13th October 2005, 05:09 PM
Congratulations to you and mama! How wonderful!!! 7 rubies!?! Wow! What color is Chloe?? Karlin - weren't you saying you'd love a ruby??? ;)

If you want to email me the pictures, I can upload them for you. Or you can try it yourself. Go to www.photobucket.com and sign up for an acct (free!) and then follow the step-by-step instructions to uploading your pic. Then copy the IMG link and paste here!!! :D Or if you already have them on your website, copying the link from there might work, too.

Can't wait to see the pics!

13th October 2005, 05:13 PM
Wow seven pups is a good litter! I bet you are probably sleeping off a long night and day now. As others noted if you upload yopur pics to a permanent web location eg ypour own website or to flickr.com or photobucket.com you can then post the picture link here and we can see the actual pic.

Bruce H
13th October 2005, 06:18 PM
Seven pups, that's WONDERFUL!!!! After you have had some sleep, tell us more. We need details! We need pictures! That's really great.

MysticKnight Cavaliers

13th October 2005, 06:46 PM
CONGRATULATIONS on your little family i cant wait to see the pictures, i bet you are so proud of them.xo

13th October 2005, 06:47 PM
CONGRATULATIONS on your new little family i bet you are really proud of them, i cant wait to see the pictures, good luck with those little ones .are you going to keep any of them?

13th October 2005, 10:24 PM
Hi thanks for all your comments, i am shattered, It is so tough with 7, as she can only seem to feed 5 at a time, so two sleep its working ok, but i can see me up all night again!

Got no sleep today, and just settled her, but of course someone came in and woke her up and all heck arose!

anyway, all 7 are doing well, however there is one or two i am worried about, there is one wee runt who will not feed too well so i am trying with a teat and bottle, but not sure the hole i made is big enough and secondly im afraid to make it too big and choke him.

it was great to log in and read all teh lovely comments, its great.
Mom is doing well and my wee Max gave the pups such a gentle kiss..... he seems a bit better tongiht.

now going to my new home for the weekend... my couch!!
Cloe is a blenheim and the dad is a full ruby, so pups are slightly miss matched but ever so subtly, all depends on what you are looking for, i am going to keep one of the girls. not sure which one, either a full ruby if there is one or the one with a tiny while dot on its head!

still namless, but as i cant tell them apart no harm for the moment, took loads of pictures! must up load them to my site tomorrow given a second!

13th October 2005, 10:28 PM

hope this works. All seven pups

13th October 2005, 10:36 PM
as you see there are only 6 pups!! and i opened that account but spelt my name wrong!!! tired or what!

ill find another pic!



just realised i have no picture of all 7... must do soemthing about that tomorrow.

night all

13th October 2005, 11:31 PM
Wow! Great pictures; how tiny and perfect they are!
I hope you're able to get some rest. Thanks for posting!!

14th October 2005, 12:47 AM
Wow. Seven pups. You and Mom must be exhausted. Beautiful pics.

14th October 2005, 09:23 AM
wow those pups are just toooooooooooooo gorgeous and the mum is so beautiful, i dont know how you will bear to part with any of them.... lots of luck with them... and keep us updated

14th October 2005, 09:43 AM
Right, day 2 dawns, first pup is now 1 day old and i ahve had a sleepless night, they did not settle atall, i think they were a bit chilly, but the Mam is panting as she is too hot, so i have done something a bit different i have now got her laying on a big duvet type thing i bought her and Max, and got her and the pups on that, she doesnt seem to want to move them, for now anyway, but she can only feed 5 at a time, and if all want to feed and i take one to feed it she will disturd all teh tohers to get up adn see what im doing to her pup and we are back to square one.

hope tonight is better then last ngiht,

14th October 2005, 11:38 AM
I think I would get them off the wet newspaper and onto some vetbed unless you have already done that.
Warm wishes,

14th October 2005, 11:43 AM
I have heard of people using those flat heating pads for people under the puppies, set on a low setting; the advantage is you can have the mother off the pads and the puppies on it. I know the breeder I got my pups from keeps them in some kind of an incubator or under heatlamps -- he says you can lose them easily if they aren't kept warm enough. I am sure Evelyn can advise. I know there are vet heating pads and lamps available somewhere as some people in dog rescue have them for puppies. Why not call and ask your vets if trying to source some? They might know where to order.

14th October 2005, 11:45 AM
I think I would get them off the wet newspaper and onto some vetbed unless you have already done that.
Warm wishes,

LOL Ruth, they were the birthing papers, she is now beside me on a lovely fluffy duvet, she doesnt seem to want to moe them so all happy so far. they are alot more content on the duvet then in the cage i had for her.

Bruce H
14th October 2005, 12:19 PM
What beautiful little pups! Now I REALLY need my puppy fix :lol: You are definately going to be very busy time for a while!

If you don't have a crate warming pad, the next best thing is an electric heating pad. Set it on low and put it under the crate. Then put a couple bath towels in the crate, over the area where the heating pad is. I would also try to keep the area where the crate is at a temperature of about 74 degrees F (sorry, couldn't find C. conversion). You definately do want to keep those pups warm, especially if you have one that's struggling. I would use a heat lamp as a very last resort.

Do you have a vet nearby that can show you how to tube feed? It's a little scary and dangerous if you don't know what you're doing and should only be used if other methods aren't working. Very simply, you put a tube down the throat all the way into the stomach; it's attached to a syringe of formula and you just push the formula right into the stomach.

Do you have a postal scale? If so, weigh the pups once a day. That will tell you definately who is gaining and who you have to work on. Sometimes you can get those stubborn pups to nurse by squeezing the nipple and milking it down enough to get a drop of milk at the end. It's important to get all the puppies nursing at least a little bit in the first few days so that they get the colostrum that gives them their immunities.

And, finally, with a litter that large I would suggest you give the mom a couple pieces of cheese a day for the weeks she is nursing. Important that her calcium levels are kept up.

Hang in there, it's going to be a lot of work, but well worth it. That's a beautiful litter. BTW, we had a seven puppy litter once and it was one of the easier litters we ever had; hopefully, this is an easy litter for you also.

MysticKnight Cavaliers

14th October 2005, 12:39 PM
hi, well its not exactly easy, as she can only seem to feed 5 at a time, and she seems to fuss if we try to help with the other 2. but she is asleep right now, which is nice. i gave her a drink of milk which i noraamlly never do but i felt she needed it, all seem to be doing wel, off ot vets in the morning with MAx to get his drain out so b ringing Mom and pups too.

She has a bit of blood thismorning, but none last ngiht, hope that is normal, dont remember, but being a Mam myself im guessing its normal!

Bruce H
14th October 2005, 01:04 PM
Yes, you will see some discharge for a few days. Just keep her cleaned up as best you can. Completely normal.

Best thing you can do is just start rotating puppies, although it sounds like that's what you are doing. Forgot to mention on last post: rule of thumb is you look for puppies to double birth weight in 7 to 10 days. Will probably take longer with 7, that's quite a lot for your girl. Important thing is that they are gaining.

Hang in there! I'm praying for you, mom and the puppies.

14th October 2005, 01:41 PM
Thanks, my son is feeding the m now while mom sleeps he is putting them on her! trying to put the smaller pups on the fuller nipples.

Coming up with a few ideas for kennel names, doing some research on net, thinking of going with film names that sort of connect, like double -o-seven and pet name bond, for us anyway! and my fair lady pet name lady think i will give this to the dog i keep..... want one of them wiht ruby in it

14th October 2005, 03:06 PM
If you use an electric heating pad make sure you cover it with lots of blankets or towels so there are a lot of layers of towels or blankets between the pups and the heating pad, as Bruce mentioned.

good lulck!! Try to get some sleep yourself!!!
-rory's mom

14th October 2005, 08:52 PM
Congratulations, they look lovely. Guess it will be very hard work for Mom and for you with so many. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

As Bruce said, try to weigh the pups daily so you can see how they are doing - maybe put a little nail varnish on their toes - different toes and different colours and record it! - so that you can tell them apart - THIS IS ESSENTIAL.

Keeping them warm is VERY important too.

Eclampsia is a worry with such a large litter, big strain on Mom, the risk increases each week until weaning as they are feeding more. Maybe try giving some scrambled egg, also have a word with your vet so that they are on standby just in case.

Keep a watch on Mom and if she shows stiffness, nervousness and restlessness, then contact your vet immediately.

Hope it all goes well, and keep posting the photos, so we can all have our puppy fix - Bruce you must be getting so excited seeing these :D

14th October 2005, 09:37 PM
gosh thanks for that, it is a worry, she is doing well so far and feeding ok. the inside of her ears are really warm and hot, so i was rubbing and flapping them fo rher to try to cool her down she seemed to like it, but i was worried as she is panting alot, but the kids tell m ei have the room very arm!!

my daughter and her friend are on puppy watch tonight as i desperatly need sleep.

got a picture with all seven pups, will post it tomorrow all going well, but with my son turning 14 on sunday i have a busy weekend ahead.

14th October 2005, 10:38 PM
I would get a thermometer that you can use to take her temp rectally. Any oral thermometer will work. Take the kid's too. Put some lube on the thermometer before trying to insert it.

I'd be good to know if she really is running hot or if the pups are cold.

Nicki is right - you should keep track of the pups' weights so you'll make sure they're gaining and know when you might need to intervene.

15th October 2005, 05:07 PM
Pups did great through the night and had thier first visit to the vet, all ok, but she cut CLoe's fur around the nipples near her forearms as it was very long and she said it would make them feeding unaided by us easier, have to say she is right!




finally got a picture or all seven but you ahve to count carefully as ithink there is only 6 heads and 7 bodies!!!!

i have never counted to seven so foten in all my life!
have chosen names for 6 one to go.

15th October 2005, 07:02 PM
You need to count tails in that picture! They are very sweet and that's great that they got an OK at their first check-up. The little runt is so cute! I always have a soft spot for the little fighters. Has Evelyn seen them? You'll have to list the names for them once you have all seven named.

15th October 2005, 07:33 PM
She will be over after they are 2 weeks, old, i think she leaves it that long to be sure they survive. last year i lost one at 13 days.

The last name really has me stumped, but i can reveal the female i am keeping will be called "My fair Lady as a kennel name and "Lady" as our name for her. but i ahve 4 females to choose from, and i cant tell them apart so going to wait till they grow a bit! if they were chipped it would be easier!

liked the idea of painting the nails, but Cloe is really funny about smells, and cant abide anything smelly she goes mad so id be afraid teh smell would make her loose interest in the pups. i'd rather not risk it!

15th October 2005, 07:40 PM
You should find some way to identify them if they are all very similar. You could do just one tiny nail each -- it would dry quickly and doubt she would notice. You could even use the same colour, just do a different nail on one paw of each dog and record who's who that way.

15th October 2005, 08:04 PM
or on the tail. that's how my breeder identified her pups.

or little strings for collars.

16th October 2005, 12:08 AM
Its even hard to tell the runts at this point, i know its only been 48 hours but i would swear they have grown, and put on alot of weight, they all seem so solid.

Two of them are even taking wee walks! and Max picked one up so gently when it wandered off and carried it back to Mam, and she licked him as if to say thanks, i would ahve thought she would have growled if he went near, but she seems to love him helping......

16th October 2005, 04:19 PM
Hello there, just uploaded all the birthing pictures to my web site, they are unedited..... hope you like them here is the link


17th October 2005, 05:17 AM
Incredible pictures! Congratulations to you and to Cloe! The puppies and your son are adoreable. I would love a ruby....alas, I am on the other side of the pond.

17th October 2005, 09:32 PM
hi al, these pups are growing before my eyes, they are wonderfull.

im thinking of leaving them with Cloe tongiht alone, but will probally spend the ngiht worring, how long do other breeders stay up supervising mother and pup?

Bruce H
18th October 2005, 12:28 AM
We don't generally stay up all night with the pups unless we are having some kind of problem. Having said that, the sleep we get at night the first week or so is very poor. Every time there is the slightest little squeek or noise, we are awake and checking on them. If they are gaining weight and looking healthy, then I wopuld say you can get some sleep.

BTW, the welping box the mom and puppies are in is in our bedroom until the puppies get big and strong enough to crawl over the 4" high board at the door. Then they "graduate" to the bigger pen in the living room.

18th October 2005, 06:56 AM
ah, see i have the pen in my living room, and during the day they have been out of it on the big cousion by the couch, but last ngiht i locked them up in the pen, i have seen some lovely pictures of whelping boxes, but for me just not feasable, so i got a cage and i lock it at night so she cant move the pups on me!

She has alot more freedom then last year, last year she stayed in teh cage nearly all the time, but i learnt alot and now realise she will look after the pups i dont need to worry, but i do when im not here!

My aupair arrives today so this should make my life alot easier.

Bruce H
18th October 2005, 11:34 AM
Our "welping box" is nothing more than a standard large crate. I just screwed a 4" high piece of wood to the front so puppies can't crawl out. We then set up an x-pen in front so mom can come out for food or water, but can't take puppies anywhere.

18th October 2005, 11:46 AM
I have a large cage, i see owners at shows with them, there is loads of room for mam to lay down in any given direction.

but if i put anything soft in teh bottom she just ripps it up trying to dig. she is digging all the time.

i only lock her in when going to bed, does that sound ok?

when the pups start to move i will be letting them out but locking them in and letting her in when she wants, its alot of work but i am petrified of her moving them, she makes them scream when she tries to pick them up.....

Bruce H
18th October 2005, 06:32 PM
Oh, you have one of those Moms!! I think you're on the right track.

Earlier this year our most experienced Mom decided to do that. She would leave the pups in the crate, but bury them under the bedding. We ended up getting up with the puppies every 3 hours or so for nursing on the Mom. What a job. We wondered if she thought there was something wrong with her puppies because we had a litter born just 3 weeks earlier that she had seen and hers were so much smaller. After her puppies were about 3 to 4 weeks old, she was all right.

This coming year will be her last litter and if she tries doing it again we are considering glueing a rubber mat down to the crate bottom so puppies can get some traction to crawl to mom. Maybe that will make a difference.

Who knows what goes on in those furry little heads ?

18th October 2005, 07:09 PM
LOL, oh she digs alright, and even when they are all asleep and quiet, she goes over to them diggs digs digs and wakes them all up then walks off!

I cant over how big they have got in such a short length of time, i can only imagine the chaos when they are fully mobile!!

18th October 2005, 07:48 PM
I'm sure there are going to be puppy madhouses everywhere, in between your 7 and Bruce's upcoming arivals, fingers crossed! :)

Fidelma be sure to post some pics into the puppy gallery as that is where people really enjoy going to look at the whole range of puppy pics from board members. It would be nice to have some of them there as they will be asy to find in future. icon_thumbsup

18th October 2005, 10:05 PM
ok will do that tomorrow thank you

Cathy T
19th October 2005, 02:39 AM
Oh my!!! 7 babies. They are precious. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

23rd October 2005, 03:24 PM
there is no words to describe how amazing those pictures are, so i will just say lots of love to those beautiful little bundles of joy.

23rd October 2005, 05:45 PM
Hope all of your darling little furbabies survive and are fit and healthy Fidlema. Poor Cloe looked exhausted in her birthing pics. Seven babies all at once is a lot for her, so not surprised you were trying to help her feed them. Good luck with them all :D

24th October 2005, 08:35 AM
Thank you all, for the lovely posts.

the pups are 10 days old now and as of last ngiht still no eyes open, but ears opening!

the are huge! adn last gniht i had to suppliment the tinnest pup with a bottle adn my god you know the size of the bottles, well he drank it nearly all and then slept as he was full, when he was ont he mum he would cry as no milk was letting down for him.

i might just top him up each evening to give him a boost. i had to cut a larger hole in the teat but it was easier for him to get milk.

i have sold one already and they are not even advertised!

this little will be hard to part wtih idont know why, the last little was ok as by the time it came for them to go we were all ready for them to go, maybe it will be the same this time, but as we are keeping one she is a little dote! and hopefully make it easier to part with the others!

i saw a 6 month ruby pup over the weekend and my god she was so beautifull....

Max does NOT have cancer, he has a lymph node swell and form a lump, the bad news is they dont know why, they dont know how to treat him and he will probally be back on steriods come wednesday, and it will come back. he is not himself and its still worring.

im wondering are teh ulsers in his mouth linked to the lump he had or visa versa...... i cant get my pup insured untill she is 8 weeks old. and the vaccinations for the 7 pups will be over €260 my two are due theres teh same time so trying to do them all together!

24th October 2005, 11:00 AM
Fidelma the pups sound fabulous and I am so glad they are healthy. Also that is great news about Max that it isn;t cancer, but I know how frustrating it is to not know what is going on.

I found this article on mouth ulcers and cavaliers -- maybe print out the description and link for your vet?


Here is another link to some information on renal (kidney) disease. It notes cavaliers are seen with this disease. Mouth ulcers are among the symtpoms. Here is the link


and the symptoms list:

The following are some of the symptoms that may be seen in dogs with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF).
(Note that dogs with acute renal failure (ARF), which is sometimes reversible with early medical intervention and
support, may have a complete cessation of urination rather than an increased frequency)
Obviously, not all dogs with Chronic Renal Failure will exhibit all of these symptoms. They are listed in the order
in which they generally appear.

Increased water consumption (polydipsia)
Frequent urination (polyuria)
Dilute urine (little color or odor, because the kidneys are no longer capable of concentrating urine)
Diminished appetite (anorexia)
Discoloration of teeth
Chemical odor to the breath
Nausea and vomiting (seen particularly with a very high BUN (blood urea nitrogen))
Dogs who are nauseated often lick their noses repeatedly
Muscle weakness and exercise intolerance
Weight loss
Pale mucous membranes because of anemia
Oral (mouth) ulcers
Shivering (from diminished number of red blood cells that result from the anemia seen in renal failure)
Muscle wasting

I don't know if that is of any help but maybe it will give a steer to the vet.

Fidelma where are you in Dublin? I'd love to visit your dogs and the puppies sometime!! :) (Oh and say hello to you as well! :lol: ).

25th October 2005, 02:55 AM
Glad the pups are doing so well! And that your boy does not have cancer. What are his other symptoms besides the mouth ulcers and enlarged lymph node? Is it only 1 lymph node enlarged? Where is the Lymph node?

Are his blood values off at all? Any liver or kidney problems indicated in his blood work?

25th October 2005, 03:01 AM
Here's another one:

Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis
Vet Med 99[12]:1008-1011 Dec'04 Dental Corner 3 Refs

Daniel T. Carmichael, DVM, DAVDC
The Center For Specialized Veterinary Care, 609-5 Cantiague Rock Road, Westbury, NY 11590
Chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis (CUPS) is a painful condition in dogs that is also known as ulcerative stomatitis, idiopathic stomatitis, and lymphocytic plasmacytic stomatitis. The hallmark lesion is a paradental, or so-called kissing, ulcer. Patients with CUPS are usually inappetent or anorectic, and the chief complaint from owners is usually fetid halitosis and drooling. CUPS can affect any dog, but Maltese are overrepresented, and a familial predilection has been shown. Cavalier King Charles spaniels also seem to be genetically predisposed. While dogs of any age can be affected, I have rarely seen CUPS in patients under 1 year old.

CUPS is a chronic condition that requires lifelong patient monitoring. Always stress to owners that this condition will most likely require a lifetime of therapy. If owners run out of their dogs' medication, clinical signs of CUPS commonly recur. A cure may be achieved, however, by extracting many or all of the teeth. Because of the potential side effects from the medications used to treat CUPS, periodic physical and oral examinations should be accompanied by appropriate hematologic tests. Routine dental prophylaxis (every four to six months) should be part of a complete oral hygiene program when the goal is to save teeth.

Full article: http://www.vetmedpub.com/vetmed/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=141738

From this article:

Sometimes, dogs with CUPS will have a concurrent lip fold dermatitis (intertrigo) adding to the oral discomfort as well as an overall foul odor. The connection between these two conditions is most likely that excessive drooling from the CUPS contributes or exacerbates the lip fold dermatitis. Another finding consistent with CUPS is mandibular lymphadenopathy.

Here's a picture of CUPS:
Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis (CUPS) lesion

Eosinophilic diseases in two Cavalier King Charles spaniels.
J Small Anim Pract 43[12]:533-8 2002 Dec

German AJ, Holden DJ, Hall EJ, Day MJ
Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, University of Bristol, Langford House, Bristol BS40 5DU.
This report describes the clinical presentation of two Cavalier King Charles spaniels with different eosinophilic diseases. The first case presented with dyspnoea and a non-productive cough, and investigations demonstrated eosinophilic bronchopneumonopathy. The second dog was referred for the investigation of haemorrhagic vomiting and diarrhoea and was eventually diagnosed with eosinophilic enteritis. Both dogs had concurrent eosinophilic stomatitis, and both responded completely to immunosuppressive glucocorticoid therapy. This report is the first to describe the concurrence of eosinophilic stomatitis and systemic eosinophilic disease in Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and suggest that this breed may be predisposed to eosinophilic syndromes.

Camilla Berntsson
25th October 2005, 08:34 AM
Congrats to the babies
Not much white markings on the litter, thats great! I hope the same for Kajsas babies who is going to be born sometimes around 12th November. She has already a great tummy, and walks around in the house with a new strange air about her....=)

25th October 2005, 01:04 PM
How fantastic are the photos!

I have never seen pups being born but would love to, the beginning of new life.

How very, very lucky are you! :D

Mum looks lovely, well done Mum xxx

25th October 2005, 05:42 PM
She has already a great tummy, and walks around in the house with a new strange air about her....=)

:lol: Can't wait for hers to arrive too; what colours are possible? I'll look forward to more puppy pics! Only about 3 weeks to go.

26th October 2005, 12:59 PM
Hello again, thank you so much for all the information, Max has alot of the symptoms that you mention here.

he had one lymph glad under his neck grosely enlarged, but it came up within hours, and seemed to go down again, but not completely, if it had not swelled i may have missed it.

he has the mouth ulsers on teh roof of his mouth and tounge, his breadth does smell, but he also spent teh first 18 months of his life on steriods for some muscular desiese, cant remember the name of it now, but Max is the only reported case in Ireland in cavaliers, his bloods had to be sent to USA to confirm diagnosis.

that blood test would have cost, €500

I live in Castleknock and you are welcome any time, my number is 086 1713186

Camilla, your dogs look so fine, please let us know how you get on. have you whelped before? are you nervous, i was!!

26th October 2005, 01:14 PM
HAve printed all that out for my vet, seeing her tonight, will let you know how i get on as she proposed starting Max on more steriods

thanks again.

28th October 2005, 04:54 PM
What a absolute miracle, Thank you for sharing the birthing pictures
I can't believe she had all Rubies, my next Cavalier will definetely be
a Ruby Male.

Jo B
30th October 2005, 01:00 PM
OMG your pups are adorable

Congratulations icon_banana

30th October 2005, 04:33 PM
Thanks Linda and Jp, lol must take some more pictures, they are getting livlier and my LAdy is almost walking! a tad chaotic at times!!!

31st October 2005, 02:56 PM
i ahve posted pics of the pups aged 2 weeks in the puppy forum think this is the link


hope you like them!

2nd December 2005, 08:31 AM
Can you believe it is now 7 weeks since i first posted this, my house is going to be so empty with ot my babies..... so glad i decided to keep one.

You know when i come in from work they all run to meet me... it brings a tear to my eye as it is so cute.

They now come to the couch where i sit, with legs up off hte floor for safety!!! and they try to jump up to me!!! i am so in love with these pups, im going to miss them big time.

I hope Cloe is ok, she has started to play with them, but i often feel the 7of them at her is a bit much and you see her jumping on the couch to look at them from a safe distance!

She wont feed them laying down, she stands ther for a few mins then when she has had enough she walkes off with pups trying to stay attached, they are all eating and drinking fine, and in the morning they dont cry when i come down any more, they have learnt that after i come down they get fed and they wait, its amazig to see them learn at this early age.

Bruce H
2nd December 2005, 12:15 PM
Oh, Fi, I envy you with the pups at that age. They are just so much fun and it's so interesting watching the personalities develop. I just love it when all our puppies line up waiting for their food; nothing cuter. But OMG, the mess, riiiiight? It's a full time job keeping after them.

Yes, you will miss them terribly when they leave for their new home, but I have found that keeping one really helps. No matter how many litters Kris and I breed in our lifetime, I don't think I'll ever get over the sadness when they leave. The only thing that makes it bearable are the happy people coming to take their puppy home forever.

8th December 2005, 05:49 PM
Most of them go this weekend, have taken to sectioning off my living room which now resembles an obstacle course rather then a living room!!!! but it works!!!!!

12th December 2005, 07:44 AM
Well i now have 3 pups, one of course is my own and my god the house is so quiet.... i miss them so much, i would have been so sad if we had not kept Lady.

one of the families children made me a lovely card to say thank you for the pup, i was so touched.

I'm Begining to think that a ruby is not as popular as the blenheim, even though i think they are so much cuter ;) Cloe doesnt seem to notice there are any missing... and Max seems less then impressed that the 3 babies think he is a great toy when he is sleeping! Lady now calls me for me to pick her up and she will come when you call her, mind you she comes when you call cloe too!!!!

Bruce H
12th December 2005, 12:09 PM
You will find that the mom won't miss her pups as much if they go a few at a time. IMHO, much better to let pups go over a period of a few days, rather than all at once on one day. Nothing sadder than watching a mom searching the house for her puppies.

My experience has been that most popular colors are blenhiem and tri, with it going back and forth as to most popular. Right now the blenhiems seem to be more popular, but last year it was the tri's. Third are the rubies and fourth are the B & T.

Isn't it great what some people do for you, especially the kids. I especially love the thank you cards we get once in a while from the kids. We have also made a couple life long friends from couples who have bought puppies from us.

12th December 2005, 12:30 PM
yes i have kept in touch with all the people who have bought my pups, as i like to know how they are doing, and so far all new owners this time have said they will let me know how pup is doing.

i have to say when i got my Cloe i didnt realise how important it is to let the breeder know, i remember ringing them a good while later as i was just enjoying her so much, but when i did ring they were so pleased to have heard from me.

Harry & Heidi's mom
15th December 2005, 04:05 PM
i keep in regular contact with Harry's breeder, emailing weekly and it's great to know she's their if i ever need advice.

she even sent me a calendar that she had made with cavalier photo's for each month, and harry is "march's" cavalier!!!!