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18th October 2005, 09:11 PM
Rupert had a dreadful night last Thursday, couldn't settle and kept digging in the bedding. I dosed him up with homoeopathy, thinking it was his teeth, as he'd refused food and only eaten when I soaked it - not like him! He had that every 2 hours...and within a minute or so would settle.

I took him to the vets the next morning - he had had some vomiting and loose motions for the previous 24 hours, and the vet felt a round object which appeared to be moving through so he may have been in pain from that.

He also has a little urine dribbling, he is going to be x-rayed in case its bladder stones, also have his prostate checked {although it may be due to the Syringomyelia}. He has two teeth which need to come out, they are causing him pain, so will have it all done at the same time. He's going to have blood tests to check liver and kidney function too - he was 9 in June, so I want to make sure things are ok.

Last night, he was really worrying at his penis, and I noticed some pus coming from it. I rang the vets this morning, and they started him on anitbiotics, and are going to investigate tomorrow.

The great news is that his heart is still clear! icon_banana

Please could you think positive thoughts for the wee fellow in the morning? I'll let you know when we have any news....

18th October 2005, 09:17 PM
Nicki, what a terrible night for Rupert and for you. Poor fellow, that sounds like so many different things that might be making him uncomfortable. I sure hope it is something that can be taken care of easily and of course all of us here will be hoping he'll check out OK in the morning. Paws and fingers crossed.

That is just fantastic about his heart -- 9 and clear is excellent!

18th October 2005, 10:28 PM
Poor Rupert, I hope he is ok bless him.
Sounds like he could have a touch of balanitis (discharge from penis) - I hope he doesn't have prostate trouble Nikki, if they find any inflammation I would be tempted to have him castrated (or is he?). Teddy went through no end of problems with his prostate and it was only stopped by castration when he ended up with a stone blocking his urethra and had to have a urethreostomy (sp?) they had to castrate him at the same time. He's never looked back!
Will be thinking of you and Rupert tomorrow.
Warm wishes,

Cathy T
19th October 2005, 02:31 AM
Nicki - will be thinking of you all day tomorrow!

19th October 2005, 08:54 AM
Thinking about you and Rupert today Nicki! sending positive thoughts and prayers as always. icon_heartthrob

19th October 2005, 02:05 PM
We're thinking of you and Rupert today. It's so great to hear that at 9yrs his heart is clear, that's wonderful!

19th October 2005, 04:36 PM
Thanks everyone. After a worrying morning, the big fellow is home safe and sound!!! icon_banana

He has had some teeth removed, and a clean up {although they weren't too bad};

his bladder and prostrate are clear {so we suspect the urine dribbling is down to Syringo. or even his age};

Ruth you were right, he has a balanoposthitis {infection of the prepuce of the penis} so is on antibiotics for that;

his urine and blood tests showed slightly raised protein levels, the vet is not concerned at present, we're going to have a chat about it when I go in next week with Peaches.

I guess it is probably pretty normal for the kidneys to not be working quite so effectively at his age, we will monitor it and supplement as necessary.

He came through the anaesthetic ok, and is sleeping it off now. All in all pretty good! Lovely to have him home :D

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and good wishes, it really helps.

Ruth, poor Teddy - sorry he had all those problems. Glad it was sorted out though. Something to watch for with my TedBear, as he's not castrated and I'm not planning on having him done unless necessary, as he's not a problem.

{Rupert was castrated at about 15 months.}

19th October 2005, 05:13 PM
That's great news Ruth, I'm glad everything checked out ok. Hopefully the meds will start working and he'll be feeling back to himself. :)

I'm curious about dribbling being related to SM, can you explain that?

19th October 2005, 05:41 PM
Oh poor fellow, that sounds very sore for his poor penis. Hm will have to watch for such boy things myself I guess. It's always great when you get them back home isn't it. I'd say 9 could well be the point at where he might have a little incontinence.

19th October 2005, 06:06 PM
Nicki I am so pleased that Rupert is home safe and well. I hate it when they go through anaesthetics although I know how safe they are nowadays.
You could always try a belly band if the incontinence gets too much. I have to put one on Pepys and Josh during the night now they are on diuretics.

He must feel better in himself once the anaesthetic has worn off.
Don't forget the tussy peg fairy, how many biscuits is that he is due? :)

I hope your Teddy Edward doesn't have to endure what my Teddy Edward went through. He is just such a stoical little chap, but that op was a nightmare, being in a very vascular area, everytime he had a wee it was like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw massacre!! that went on for about 9 days.
Anyway he is a different boy these days, (literally, he has a ladies bottom to wee out of now, :oops: :oops: his penis is obsolete!!).
Warm wishes,

Harry & Heidi's mom
19th October 2005, 07:33 PM
Poor Rupert, I hope he is ok bless him.
Sounds like he could have a touch of balanitis (discharge from penis) -
Warm wishes,

my son had that!! :lol: :lol: :lol: in the end to sort him out he was given a circumcision in janruary this year poor kid :oops: but he' fine now.

how would they treat a dog??

19th October 2005, 09:03 PM
Firstly the latest news - after sleeping all afternoon, Rupert decided at 7pm that it was teatime - having missed breakfast this morning, he was very hungry ...so much for the vets always telling you that they probably won't eat - Rupert didn't hear that bit!! :lol: He demolished a bowl of soaked kibble mixed with a little Chappie {not something I usually give them, it was a special treat} - and was looking for more. Obviously feeling better then icon_whistling icon_banana

Jen, the syrinxes can cause nerve damage, hence the dogs experiencing strange sensations which makes them lick their paws etc.

My understanding is that the sphincter muscle nerves could be affected...but as Karlin says, it could just be his age.

Looking for a friend - sorry to hear about your son. At present, Rupert is on antibiotics and I will bathe him with salt water from tomorrow - he is too sore today. I guess that if it didn't clear up, circumcision would be an option for dogs too?

By the way, entire boy dogs can produce a discharge which looks remarkably like pus - speaking from personal experience here, once frantically 'phoned the vet when Rupert was young to be told not to worry, it was normal :lol:

"Don't forget the tussy peg fairy, how many biscuits is that he is due?"

Fanx Anti Roof, Mommy din't tel me bout fairis - she oues me FIVE bixits. XXX :lol: :lol:

***Removes Rupert from the computer***

Thanks for the suggestion about the belly band - I managed to find one on E-bay, and use it with a Tena lady pad cut in half - it's very good. I'm hoping TRPD {see my siggie} may produce some fleece ones in the future, will keep you posted. Rupert sleeps with us, so it's more difficult - I guess this is one time when you'd like them to be sleeping in a crate!

Sorry to hear about Pepys and Josh...and poor TeddyEdward - that must have been just awful.

19th October 2005, 09:21 PM
They always feel better with some food down them don't they?
Wow, 5 tussy pegs out, enjoy those biscuits Rupert!!

In the old days when I worked in kennels we used to use stuff for mastitis in cows for the balanitis. It was in a plastic syringe and just as the farmers had to push it up the teat we had to push it inside the sheath .......... tricky :?

Glad he is back to normal Nicki,
Warm wishes,

19th October 2005, 09:23 PM
Thanks Ruth - interesting you mention about the cows - the vet mentioned that too!!

I think if the anitbiotics don't work, we may have to look at something like that - EEK!

20th October 2005, 09:59 AM
Great news that Rupert has had some grub and is feeling a little bit better now. icon_banana

Hope the anti-biotics kick in real soon. icon_yikes I would not fancy having to do the procedure involved with the cows!

23rd October 2005, 03:30 PM
awwwwwwww i am so glad that little rupert is ok, its just so worring when pets are ill, and i for one end up worrying myself sick over it but its impossible not to, but we just have to keep strong and hope that everything will work out ok. lots of love and kisses to you all and rupert xoxoxox

fuzzie bear
25th October 2005, 09:59 PM
I'm only after seeing this now... I'm glad Rupert is ok.... sending him a big kiss XXXXXX