View Full Version : Rgd breeders in Ireland who will have puppies avail soon

27th October 2005, 07:56 PM
We would like to know if there are any IKC registered breeders in Ireland who will have Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale soon, male, tricolour or bleinheim. :D

27th October 2005, 09:39 PM
I don't allow postings for puppies or dog for sale through the site (only breed rescue). However people are welcome to PM you privately though if they have any ideas. This is the advice on buying puppies that I offer people who contact me for breed rescue (I never have puppies in breed rescue):

If you are seeking a puppy: please do not consider ANY puppies sold through newspaper ads or the Buy&Sell; most of these dogs are bred indiscriminately with no regard for healthy lines, and many are offered by brokers for "puppy farms", where breeding dogs are kept in horrendous conditions. Such puppies suffer from a very high incidence of early onset MVD (heart murmurs and heart failure) and other costly maladies. Few ethical breeders offer puppies through small ads. Contact the breed club (www.ikc.ie, in the Buying a Dog section) to find out which registered cavalier breeders have or are expecting litters. *IKC registration alone is no guarantee of the quality of a puppy* so do careful research into the health and quality of the line and buyers should only consider breed club recommended breeders and expect to pay at least 500 euro for a puppy. Good breeders will invite you to their home to talk to you, let you meet the puppies, are proud that their dogs are raised in a home environment and will show you the puppies with their mother.

Because of the serious and potentially costly health issues in this breed, I would only recommend buying a puppy from a breeder who cardiologist (not vet!) tests their dogs' hearts, follows the MVD breeding protocol, and has MRI'd their breeding dogs for syringomyelia. There is information on all this and what it means, and how to find a good breeder here:


Also see:


Sadly I do not know of any club breeders in Ireland who do adequate testing so I do not recommend getting a cavalier puppy in Ireland from an Irish breeder (though I'd be glad to hear of any ethical, fully health testing breeders who follow club recommendations on how and when to breed so that bitches are not overbred or bred on consecutive seasons, which I do not think is ethical for the health of the dogs. For now, I tend to recommend contacting a UK breeder -- you can PM Margaret C or Nicki on the board here for further info.

There's more info on finding good breeders and what to consider when getting a puppy, and the key health issues, in the information library section. :thmbsup:

29th October 2005, 11:56 AM
Thank you for your advice. I've been in touch with the IKC and have been in contact with a breeder which we previously purchased a Cavalier from.