View Full Version : When do puppies stop chewing ??

fuzzie bear
3rd November 2005, 12:35 AM
I'm dying to bring my two up to bed with me but they're both still chewing !! Bailey is 19 months and ruby is 7 months.

When does it ever stop ?

I must admit the anti chew has worked on all the stuff I've sprayed, but I just can't spray everything ... lol

You know I've had 3 cavaliers from puppies apart from these two and I just can't remember how long they chewed for... and they all chewed - must be something about cavaliers !

Maybe I have them too spoilt ?? icon_whistling

3rd November 2005, 12:24 PM
My Max never chewed, but Cloe... well we have a sayig for her.. if her mouth fits around it she will chew it!!!

i had a fablous wicker bed had it 17 years and not a mark on it, Cloe had it 2 weeks and it had to be taken from ehr for safety reasons as she had chewed it byond repair, she also ate teh bar to stabalise my dinning room chair, so we sat on it and soon fell to floor!!!!!

she eats slippers, cages, bowls..... you name it, not sure when it lessened think it was when she got pregnant teh first time!!!

3rd November 2005, 01:04 PM
LOL. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh I have been so lucky with Maxx, he's hardly chewed anything and stopped when he was about 18mths old.

However, I used to have a GSD - she was a beautiful dog but chewed right up until the time we sadly had to give her her wings aged five :cry: